Honouring Traditional Craftsmanship

When individuals ask us how we craft our signage, a mention of ‘honouring traditional craftsmanship’ is frequently incorporated in our response. Sign Making is an industry with an extensive history, dating back as far as the stone age. Directional signage may have had a more rugged appearance than the signs we craft, but their history is apparent.

When civilisation developed, road markers became a prominent feature in Greek and Roman design. This was followed by the introduction of terracotta signs, business signage, and signs crafted from wrought iron. These early crafted signs have paved a way for our industry, one that we are proud to be a part of. With such a rich history available for us to explore, we find that methods of traditional craftsmanship still hold up in the sign making industry today.

Signs crafted by The Sign Maker

Blending Traditional Craftsmanship with Modern Technology

Our niche is bespoke craftsmanship. From the beginning, we have always encouraged customers to ask for exactly what they’re looking for, as our team will look to meet and exceed expectations at every opportunity.

Consequently, we have found ourselves uniquely combining traditional methods of craftsmanship with modern technology. These signs are honouring of traditional craftsmanship without ruling out that technology can be an asset to our work. For example, we have invested in an impact engraver. The impact engraver is far superior to other engravers when it comes to detailed designs on stone materials. Typically, we use the impact engraver for stone memorials. It is particularly useful in the cases of smaller wording or distinct pictures that require the work of a finer engraver. By embracing modern technology, we can bring these signs and memorials to life to the quality standard that customers have come to expect from The Sign Maker.

Why We Choose To Honour Traditional Sign Making

To this day, traditional crafting techniques remain some of the best methods for achieving quality results. The quality of the signage that we produce is, without question, one of the things that we are proudest to attain. Without traditional craftsmanship, our signage would not stand out in the industry as we believe it does.

Traditional methodology is also about honouring the legacy of sign making. Having been a part of the industry now for over 20 years, there is an innate connection that binds us to those who have paved a way for us to craft as we do now. Within The Sign Maker, you can already see these skills being passed through the business. Whether this is between family members or among employers and employees, the businesses’ growth also speaks to the legacy of the sign making industry.

Sometimes, a traditional sign or memorial is an aesthetic choice. By honouring traditional craftsmanship, we can recreate this aesthetic with our own sign making experience. Memorials, in particular, still appear to adhere to traditional appearances. Our stonemason, Caroline, is exceptional at bringing out the best in stone for the purpose of traditional memorials. Those wanting a more modern sign or memorial can benefit from the way we blend traditional craftsmanship with modern technology.

Areas of Expertise

Being situated in rural North Devon, The Sign Maker benefits from a team of skilled craftspeople. These individuals have either always been in the trade, or have been trained by us to modify their existing skillset. Consequently, we have numerous areas of expertise, as opposed to one (which is what sets us apart from most sign making companies).

The Sign Maker is home to carpenters, stonemasons, blacksmiths, joiners, casters and spray painters (to name a few), and each team member has enough professional experience with us to somewhat span the departments when necessary. This enables us to offer signage in various materials: wood, stone, metal, and vinyl.

An Insight Into Craftsmanship at The Sign Maker

If you’re curious about our crafting techniques, there are several places that you can watch our team in action. Our YouTube Channel is a great place to start, particularly with the upload of our latest video (linked below) which showcases our team craft a large number of bespoke entrance signs for a showground. Additionly, we upload TikTok and Instagram videos that invite you to view some behind the scenes scenes.

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