Signage, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

On the look out for personalised, sustainably crafted, gift ideas for Christmas 2023? Look no further than The Sign Maker signage, the gift that keeps on giving! Whether you’re looking to treat a loved one, or yourself, to something a little special for the festive season, this blog should act as a curated gift guide for those thinking Christmas thoughts when they see our signs.

Wooden House Signs

Wooden house signs are where it all started for The Sign Maker. That is why this range of signage is perhaps amongst our favourite for recommendation at Christmas! With an extraordinary range of timber types to choose from, the majority of which are FSC certified, you’re bound to find a good fit for the home you have in mind.

Oak is potentially the most traditional choice due to its durable qualities and stand out appearance. That being said, Douglas Fir and Cherry Wood also make for fantastic one-of-a-kind house signs.

Wooden House Signs | The Sign Maker | Signage, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Entrance Signs

It is no secret that we LOVE an entrance sign! Entrance signs stand out from the crowd, drawing a positive reaction from visitors and passers-by at every opportunity. There are a variety of different entrance sign styles, including natural/painted entrance signs and hockey stick house signs. Glowing reviews would suggest that our entrance signage isn’t just loved by us, but our former customers too – particularly those in ownership of a country property.

Entrance Signs, Painted Entrance Signs, and Verge Signs | The Sign Maker | Signage, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Wheel Covers

Being situated in North Devon, we know just how many 4×4 enthusiasts are out there looking for quality accessories for their vehicle. Wheel Covers crafted by (our sister company) have a reputation for their wow-factor. Available featuring either a stock art image or a bespoke design, a wheel cover would make a unique and thoughtful gift. Using quality fabric, and solid covers – you can be sure that we will turn out something that elevates any spare wheel.

Wheel Covers and 4x4 Accessories | Signage, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Good Value Signs

To some, ‘good value’ might insinuate that these will be lesser quality signs – but not at The Sign Maker! Each sign that we craft receives the best care that we can give it, the same quality finish that we offer as standard practice across our full range of signage.

We believe that we are home to a sign that will work for everybody – regardless of budget or style. ‘Good value’ to us simply means that this is the range of signage that we recommend for those being more mindful of their budget.

Stone House Signs

The longevity of stone signage is what makes these signs an attractive Christmas gift. If you’re looking for a Christmas gift to impress the in-laws, for example, a stone house sign might be just the gift idea for you. Marble and granite are the two stone types we tend to work with. These hardwearing signs are the epitome of luxury. Their bold appearance, weighty substance, and all-round finesse make stone house signs hard to compete with. ‘Stone-like-corian’ is a good equivalent, however, for those who would prefer a sign with a consistent surface.

Stone Signs (Granite and Marble) | The Sign Maker | Signage, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Slate House Signs

For signage bursting with character, one of our three types of slate would be a great choice. As a material, Slate has a natural quality that works well for a variety of properties. These signs are excellent value for money – particularly as they are handcrafted with bespoke designs by our award-winning team here in the UK.

Slate House Signs | The Sign Maker | Signage, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Why Our Signs Are The Gift That Keep On Giving

  1. Quality craftsmanship is a defining characteristic of our signage. We are mindful of manufacturing products that stand out and serve their purpose. Our team can advise on maintaining a sign, or choosing signage that will work for you.
  2. By Supporting an independent business like ours, you’re also supporting our extraordinary team of local craftspeople and customer service staff.
  3. The business is proud to embrace sustainable development. In purchasing with The Sign Maker, you enable us to give back to the local community and the planet with community initiatives and an extensive re-wilding project.

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