Styling Homes With A Hockey Stick

“Styling homes with a hockey stick?” we hear you ask. That’s right – a hockey stick!

Now, let us be clear, we’re not talking the sporting accessory used in fierce adolescent PE classes. We are, instead, bringing your attention to our unique hockey stick house signs – the perfect styling accessory for the entrance to your home.

Hockey Stick Entrance Signs

Hockey Sticks are one of our most unique signs. They are a popular choice with our customers due to their stand out, quality finish. As their name would suggest, these handcrafted signs are shaped like a hockey stick. We crafted them using timber – often painted Tricoya that comes with a 50 year guarantee, or Oak for a high end natural appearance. Designs tend to follow the arch of the sign, and they can be designed as single or double sided signs – allowing you to design a sign that is right for you.

With a variety of paint colours, fonts, and image options at your disposal, it has never been easier to have a bespoke sign crafted with your home and style preferences in mind.

Styling Your Home With A Hockey Stick Sign

Exterior signage is, first and foremost, a practicality. When you look at how often we use house numbers and address signs (for postal deliveries, visiting friends, and navigation), it is easy to see why so many of us have a sign out front. Whether you’re home to a simple house number sign or a personalised nameplate, the necessity of a house sign is evident. That being said, choosing to style your home with a house sign can be a wonderful way to extend your interior design to your home exterior for a warmer welcome, and house pride.

Styling a house’s exterior gives your home instant kerb appeal. In most cases, this isn’t about attracting visitors to your property (unless you’re using a sign for business purposes). A sign like this can make returning home feel like a joy. A hockey stick sign may be an amazingly simple addition that can transform the way you feel about your home for years to come.

The same way that business signs give an insight into a businesses’ story, exterior styling for the home sets the scene of whats inside. While a hockey stick can work for a variety of properties, these particular entrance signs are most popular with country properties, cottage owners and air b&b hosts. Hockey sticks lend themselves perfectly to those looking to create a softer aesthetic with their home exterior. This is why colour palettes tend to include our quintessential lichen green, stone grey and stiffkey blue with white lettering. When designing any sign with us, you can ask our designers to be mindful of a certain aesthetic, time period, or design preferences – resulting in signage that is just right for you and your property.

Special Offer on Hockey Stick Signs

Until November 1st 2023, you can receive a 25% discount on our hockey stick signs when you purchase from our online shop! Simply use the code HK25 when placing your order, and we’ll get crafting. There is no better season than autumn to spruce up your home with a house sign. What a house sign a hockey stick could be for your property!

Purchasing From The Sign Maker

The Sign Maker is a family run sign manufacturing business situated in the heart of North Devon. Despite being a small business, we are home to some exceptional craftspeople and an extraordinary customer service team.

Our green ethos also sets us apart. Onsite, we utilise green energy to power the workshop while maintaining best sustainable practices across other areas of the business. This is in addition to crafting high quality signs for you.

When you order with us, you benefit from our personable approach, and over 20 years of experience in the sign industry. We pride ourselves on delivering signage just the way you want it. So, why not order your signage from an award-winning family business today?!

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