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The Sign Maker Family

The Sign Maker is a family run business that produces high quality bespoke signage right here in North Devon. We started as micro-business, with Shaun purchasing an engraver which lead to his first bulk order. Coincidentally this resulted in his most recurring nightmare about No Smoking Signs! 

about the family

As the business grew Kate and Shaun knew they had to expand. Six years ago they moved from Little Knowle Farm to Yelland Farm. This has enabled the expansion of the organisation through larger workshops, 3 phase electrics and the investment of new machinery.

The family along with craftsmen and carpenters all work together on site to create your sign, just the way you want it. We now have a huge range of different materials for;

House Signs, House Numbers, Memorials, Commercial Signs, Wheel covers Safety Signs, Wedding Signs and Personalised Gifts.

We can use hundreds of different fonts and thousands of standard images. Our signs can be completely custom made and dispatched all over the world.
 It is the company ethos to look after our country-side. Have a look at the page on our blog Countryside Care You will see we are frequently adding posts about our environmental efforts!


Why Bees? We needed a logo that fits perfectly and really reflects who we are. Kate prides herself with her Bee colony and her wildlife ponds and gardens are all geared to aiding her buzzy friends. It made sense to use Bees as they are also a symbol of our environmental efforts. So the Bees didn’t just fly into our lives but to our logo as well!


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