Plastic Free July

In a season of festivals and holidays, July is the perfect time to be reducing use of single use plastic. As a business, a green ethos is embedded into our practices, but we’d be the first to admit that being entirely plastic free is challenging in the manufacturing industry. However, Plastic Free July is an opportunity to evaluate our practices and make small changes where possible. It is true, after all, that small changes can amount to a significant difference.

What Is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July is an annual initiative designed by the Plastic Free Foundation. The primary objective of the foundation itself is to encourage others to visualise a world without plastic waste. Throughout July, The Plastic Free Foundation take action against single use plastic. They do this by introducing daily challenges, sparking conversation and building momentum behind the movement. While an ambitious campaign, many get involved year upon year demonstrating it’s necessity and impact.

The campaign is designed to promote small changes that can be woven into every day life. A significant proportion of those who have previously taken part made changes that have become habitual. As a result, there was a reduction the global demand for single use plastic packaging. It is evident that the campaign is making a difference, albeit little by little. This is why we’re choosing to get involved in Plastic Free July for our second consecutive year.

How Are We Getting Involved?

As a business, we are constantly evaluating our plastic consumption to ensure that our practices are as green as possible. However, that won’t stop us making the most of a season where we can encourage others to make small changes in an attempt to be free of plastic waste, but also to broaden our perspective on what we are achieving onsite.

Our primary goal for Plastic Free July is to create a carbon reduction strategy, taking our plastic consumption into consideration. A mindfulness of our existing consumption should help us to action a plan for a future with reduced plastic usage. Second to this, we will also be sharing our response to several of the daily challenges across our socials. We hope that this will encourage conversation amongst the team and online community. From swapping out single use water bottles to being selective about soaps, office stationary, and packaging – we’re making small changes in the name of a bigger difference.

How You Can Engage With Plastic Free July

Engaging with the Plastic Free July initiative has never been easier. With free print outs, resources and branding, alongside an active online community and in person events – there is no better time than now to get involved. Whether you’re joining the conversation, educating yourself on the impact of single use plastic, or making some of those day to day changes for yourself, these are all positive ways to engage is what is set to be the biggest year for the initiative yet!

The foundation have created a space on their website where you sign up and create plastic reduction goals that work for you. So, no matter if you’re taking part as an individual, on behalf of a business, or as a community, Plastic Free July is for everybody! Reducing plastic waste isn’t about doing so perfectly. The main objective is to be aware of our plastic consumption, and to move towards a better relationship with plastic.

We’d love to know if you’re getting involved; get in touch or tag us on social media so we can connect with you!!

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