Why Memorials Matter To Us

Crafting signage is a huge privilege for our team. Whether a customer has ordered a sign for their business, a wheel cover for their family car, or a sign to transform a house into their home – each piece is treated with care, because they matter to us! All that being said, there are some orders that touch us in ways we don’t always know how to describe. However, if somebody were curious about why memorials matter to us, we hope that this blog would explain our answer.

The Importance Of Legacy

Everybody has a story to tell – as is evident when it comes to crafting memorials. We are constantly inspired by tributes that celebrate beloved teachers, community heroes, cherished family and precious friends.

Bespoke Memorials | The Importance Of Legacy | Why Memorials Matter To Us | The Sign Maker and UK Memorials

The mark of a legacy can be left in numerous ways. Individuals carry forward characteristics and memories that serve as a living legacy for those passed on. However, memorials can also help provide a documented legacy, inscribed or in photo form. Whether carved into wood, engraved upon stone, or modernly painted in colour, there is something special about having a tangible legacy in the form of a memorial. This is just one reason why crafting quality memorials is so important to us.

A Process Of Grief

Another reason why memorials matter to us is that we want to be able to support people. It is never easy to navigate grief, so we strive to help individuals as they find a way forwards. As memorial specialists, we are advocates for speaking about loss and enabling others to process their grief in whatever way feels right for them.

We’ve heard from many individuals and families about how a memorial has in some way given their grief an outlet. Whether the memorials has been wordy and poetic or simple and understated, there is something of a resolution that comes about for those who find comfort in a memorial; why wouldn’t we want to enable this sense of peace for somebody experiencing grief.

Record and Genealogy

Historically, memorials provided a permanent, visual record of those who had lived in a community. This is why traditional memorial inscriptions included names, dates and telling details about the individual being memorialised. In many ways, modern memorials are a continuation of historic record keeping and genealogical study.

Bespoke Memorials | Record & Genealogy | Why Memorials Matter To Us | The Sign Maker and UK Memorials

Enabling others to continue this tradition matters to us, even when individuals invite us to design something more modern. Given that our ethos embraces the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology – blending the historic value of memorial requirements with a modern day perspective naturally matters to us too.

A Personalised Touch

Modern memorials embrace the personalised touch; this is something that is embedded into our ethos here at The Sign Maker. We’re proud to sustainably craft bespoke memorials that enable our customers to design custom memorials. This is something that helps us to stand out as a sign writing company.

The skills of our award-winning team, and heart for memorials, result in unique craftsmanship – reflecting that each life deserves a unique celebration. We will listen to you, design around you, and carefully craft a piece complete with those personalised touches. Memorials matter to us, and therefore we will stand beside you in designing a memorial that will enable you to reflect and remember.

Bespoke Memorials | A Personalised Touch | Why Memorials Matter To Us | The Sign Maker and UK Memorials

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