Outdoor Garden Ideas

With more people than ever choosing to holiday closer to home, we know how important it is to make your garden space feel like someplace special during the summer season. From plants and furniture to wildlife and signage – if you’re looking to spruce up your garden for the season ahead, then this Outdoor Garden Ideas blog is just for you!

Planting Up The Garden & Seasonal Wildlife

Plants can completely transform a garden space for the summer season. Their bright colours, unique smells, and biodiverse benefits bring about significant changes to a space, which is why our directors enjoy the artistry of gardening and advocate for it!

With so much well-meaning advice on the best times to plant, you may be worrying that you’ve missed the boat for this year. Luckily for you, we’re here to tell you that this is not the case. These early summer months are still a good time to plant up the veggie patch – everything from lettuces and runner beans to mini carrots. There is a lot to be said about the power of a herb garden as the scent is just divine!

You could also take a daytrip out to your local garden centre for some colourful flowers – marigolds are a firm favourite this time of year. If you have little ones, it might be fun to see if you can get some sunflowers growing too. We’ve known families compete to see who can get the tallest sunflowers by the end of the summer!

Not only will these plants transform your outside space, but there are numerous environmental benefits too; the bees, butterflies and insects will enjoy these new additions to your garden as much as you will!

Design A House Sign

Looking to give your home a quality touch this summer? It goes without saying that we are big advocates for the power of a house sign!

Designing a house sign is the perfect way to bring a little character to your property. No matter if you’re looking for something classic, traditional, classy, or unique – nothing will make your home exterior stand out like a custom nameplate. If you’ve not considered a house sign before, or you’re looking to upgrade your current house sign, you’ll want to check out our award-winning business – The Sign Maker. Whether you’re looking for something wooden and natural, crafted from stone, or cast in metal, our team specialise in signage that is custom-made just for you in a diverse range of materials.

Our experience and processes result in signage to be proud of, which is why we have been named ‘Champion Manufacturers’ by the NDMA and Business Action’s ‘North Devon Business Of The Year’. You’re in safe hands with our team, and we’d be honoured to work with you on something that celebrates your home.

Bringing Your Home Outdoors

Home décor and accessories aren’t just for interiors! We also believe that detailed flourishes can help you to make a feature of your garden.

For instance, summer season is barbeque season, so why not spruce up your home bar the summer! Personalisation has the ability to reframe a house into a home. Whether you design a chopping board for the occasion, or deck out the space with a sign to be proud of, there are infinite ways to make your garden feel like your own. Specific glasses and tableware, brightly coloured fairly lights, and comfortable seating too certainly trend across social media for a those who love their home exterior décor.

We say break the rules a little – make your garden whatever you need it to be by growing it, naming it, and zoning it into your outdoor space of dreams! Do check out our online shop for signage ideas, garden décor, and outdoor accessories that will set you up for summer, and give The Sign Maker a follow for more seasonal trends (and business updates too).

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