23 Years of The Sign Maker

Stand Out Moments from 23 Years of Sign Making

They say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’, and we can confirm that this is absolutely true as we are delighted to share that this year marks 23 years of The Sign Maker. What started as a favour for our director’s mother-in-law has become quite the business indeed. Our impressive signage portfolio speaks for itself, but we have also achieved so much within the business itself. Who’d have thought that our family-business could be everything that it has turned out to be. Although we’re sure that we have plenty more in store, what has already been accomplished is remarkable to us.

23 Years of The Sign Maker
(Left to Right): An early sign, our onsite business sign, Directors Kate & Shaun Price

There are numerous stand out moments from 23 years of sign making. Whether looking at our unique signage, or community involvement – the business really has gone from strength to strength in more ways than could be counted.

Sign Manufacturing

This wouldn’t be a true highlight reel if we didn’t express that manufacturing in itself been a highlight for us. Pushing the boundaries of sign making is a significant part of the businesses’ success. Our customers have been at the heart of the business since we first started up; this is why our ethos centres around bespoke signage. The uniqueness of The Sign Maker lies in the way that we blend advancing technology with traditional craftsmanship to produce the very best sign results.

We’re proud to have had a hand in signs of all shapes, sizes, styles, and designs. Having started out with wooden signage – it has been astounding to watch our specialities broaden as we have built our team. From the introduction of new crafting machinery and techniques, to becoming the owners of WheelCover.com, The Sign Maker is the product of dedication and team spirit.

23 Years of The Sign Maker

The Site, The Community and Business Awards

Our team has always kept the planet in mind despite the daily demands of running a business. Upon moving to Yelland Farm (High Bickington, North Devon), any spare time our directors have had has been spent on developing the biodiverse landscape that now surrounds the family homes and business site. Everything from tree planting and pond installation, to native shrubberies, wildflower meadows and sustainable energy sources – sustainability is the passion project that gives the business the green ethos we are so proud of.

23 Years of The Sign Maker

We have also worked with some amazing customers over the past 23 years. Our growing online community is something that we cherish too. More recently, it has been wonderful to be recognised with several county awards. Several organisations have taken time to acknowledge our strengths in sustainable craftsmanship, growth, community outreach, and quality sign making. To have been praised for our contribution as a business is something that we are incredibly proud of. When others can recognise our positive impact beyond the sign industry, we know we’re doing something right. These awards have been timely reminders for why we do what we do. We are so proud of the team that brings our visions into fruition.

Looking Ahead

While it’s joyous to look back at our journey, we’re looking ahead to where the next season might take us. The future of The Sign Maker continues to look bright. With sustainable energy beginning to be a firm foundation for the business site and plans a concentrated carbon reduction strategy in the pipe works too, we hope to further our sustainable endeavours more than we ever have before. We’ll be able to evaluate the impact of introducing solar onsite, and team up with fellow businesses again this year.

Above all, however, we want to continue being a reliable supplier of bespoke, quality, signs and memorials. 23 years of The Sign Maker has proven to us that we have something unique to offer the industry. There is so much to be grateful for, and plenty to look forward to. So, watch this space as we take on another year of sign making!

23 Years of The Sign Maker

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