Remembrance and War Memorials

While autumn is a season of change, this time of year is also poignant in terms of Remembrance and War Memorials. Over the years, we have been privileged enough to craft many traditional war memorials. Each memorial has honoured the lives of those who have fought for our country in wars gone by, and those who continue to serve today. We wanted to open a conversation about why a time of remembrance is important to us.

Why We Remember and Honour

Remembrance is about taking a moment to acknowledge the sacrifices of many and recognise the long-standing promise for peace nationally. This year, in particular, it feels necessary to not take such peace for granted.

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Remembrance has been a unifying time for many, though this time also remains a personal time of grief for many. It feels crucial to make space for the stories of veterans who have served and to make way for the loss experienced. We can do this, not only with a time of remembrance but by serving this community in any way that we can. We choose to do this by crafting memorials – both the traditional kind and those with a modern twist. 

Memorials Crafted Your Way

For a long-lasting, poignant tribute, we have experience crafting several styles of traditional war memorials. Cast bronze is a timeless classic in terms of war memorial designs. Our cast plaques can be crafted into a variety of shapes and sizes and they have a longevity that is hard to compete with. 

Our stone-like Corian memorials have grown in popularity in the past number of years. Smooth to the touch and consistent on the surface in a way that an entirely natural material struggles to be, we’d recommend Corian for a high-quality finish, clean composition and flexibility of design.

War Memorials | Remembrance Day | The Sign Maker & UK Memorials

The Sign Maker’s photo memorials are crafted to last! The design is crafted onto an aluminium plate before being completely encapsulated. This creates a surface that is largely resistant to fading or any type of damage. Including photos within a memorial can bring a personal touch to the tribute that can be cherished for years to come.

Memorial crosses are another traditional favourite. Perfect for a place of remembrance, our full range of crosses has proven popular since we first began crafting them. As with all of our memorials, you can truly make these commemorative tributes your own with our bespoke design processes. From material selection to fonts and images, we are proud to craft truly unique memorials. 

War Memorials | Remembrance Day | The Sign Maker & UK Memorials

Lastly, we have our memorials plaques. Whether you opt for one of our quality stone or timber plaques, you’re in safe hands with our phenomenal team. Alternatively, we have some value-for-money plaques and stakes that could be just what you’re looking for from a personal war memorial. Our priority is crafting all memorials to a high standard to honour the sacrifices of your loved one. 

We Will Remember Them

Whether during this remembrance season, when crafting each memorial or in our day-to-day comings and goings – we will remember them. This time connects us in a way that is hard to express with words. Despite this, there is something poignant about watching individuals and communities come together to honour the sacrifices of those who have served around the world with our remembrance and war memorials. 

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