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With The Sign Maker being home to many fruit trees, our director Kate was in need of some Apple Boxes. Thankfully, we have a top-notch team who have brought this vision to life – just in time for this years harvest!

Unsurprisingly, with our environmental ethos, growing produce has always been important to The Price Family. As a result, Yelland Farm is not only home to the family, the business and the wildlife, but also a plethora of apple trees! From Bramley apples to Jonagolds, Russets and Sunsets – we have plenty to be harvesting. Growing our own produce enables us to reduce our environmental impact, minimise use of pesticides and chemicals, and increase our intake of nutrients with the satisfaction that we have grown them ourselves! There is also no harm in the local wildlife benefitting from the food that we don’t manage to eat. Generally we are better off from our time growing in the garden!

In addition to being the answer to a practical need, these apple boxes are part of a brand new range of bespoke homeware. The range will be entitled ‘Country Style Collection’ (keep your eyes peeled – it will be coming your way soon)!

Country Style Collection Apple Boxes

You might be wondering, what is so special about our handcrafted Apple Boxes? If that is the case, then you’re in for a treat! The Sign Maker Apple Boxes have been thoughtfully designed and perfectly crafted to ensure the best treatment of your harvest.

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Our apple boxes have been designed to be stackable, providing a great storage solution for your harvested fruit at home. We have crafted using chestnut (a UK sourced, durable, straight-grained timber). Chestnut is aesthetically pleasing without compromising on quality finish and practical usage! From consideration of airflow and box depth to the feel of the timber and personalisation, we have wanted these apple boxes to be just right in every possible way. A must-have product for your autumn harvest and cosy décor this year – with utility beyond just apples – we hope that you will love our apple boxes just as much as we do.

Top Tips For Apple Storage

Anyone who harvests fruit year upon year will know that there are several tricks of the trade when it comes to apple storage. With apples a keen topic of conversation onsite at the moment, we’ve all been sharing our own tips with each other. While our boxes do a great job at providing the perfect storage solution, we thought we’d share a few additional tips with you!

  • Apples generally do best in storage under relatively cold, dark and humid conditions. Each week, you may choose to move an apple or two to the fridge, in which case they’d remain their freshest within one of the drawers.
  • This might sound odd, but one of our team spoke of wrapping each apple in a sheet of newspaper to prevent the apples from touching one another. Brown paper bags are also a popular choice – just as you’d find them in the local market. Within one of our boxes, nestling the apples amongst straw or sawdust may be a good alternative to wrapping.
  • Though you may enjoy eating the apples as they are, another fantastic way to store them is by turning them into produce! From cider and apple juice to sauces and crumbles, we are certain there are many tasty ways to use up your apples this harvest.

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