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While our range of house signs is extensive, we have several timeless classics that appear to remain on everybody’s radar! From timber to stone, The Sign Maker is proud to craft quality signs designed to last. Our hope is that they will be cherished for years to come, some even for a lifetime.

With Christmas on the horizon, we know that you may have stumbled upon our site in search of the perfect Christmas gift; and you’d be in luck! As sustainable gifting is on the rise and throwaway gifts are becoming much of a pastime – we wanted to bring you this blog to showcase some of our most popular house signs – something that we believe would make a thoughtful, lasting gift for Christmas 2022.

Natural Wooden Signs

If you’ve been a follower of our work at The Sign Maker for a while, you’ll know just how much we love working with Timber. Our senior carpenter, Paul Weeks, has a wealth of experience and has turned out some fantastic results while working with us. For a soft-appearing, long-lasting house sign, our natural wooden signs are a great choice for you. 

Oak and Iroko Natural Wooden House Signs | The Sign Maker | Hand Crafted, Quality Sustainable Signs

The two timbers we find to be most popular are Oak and Iroko. Oak is perhaps the most traditional choice. Oak’s majestic appearance paired with superior durability and strength is what gives it such a formidable reputation. The beautiful grain is full of nature’s artistic flair and our oak house signs will last a lifetime when maintained. 

Iroko has a distinctive grain and a natural oiliness that sets it apart from other timbers. The stability and density of Iroko make it an excellent timber selection for external house signs. We love the varied appearance you can get in different pieces of Iroko timber, and our experienced team will be sure to select the perfect piece for you. 

Slate House Signs 

Slate house signs have an enviable elegance about them, which is why we think they have become such popular house signs. In the past, we have designed and crafted slate into a variety of styles – each result unique but equally beautiful in its own right. Our team are on hand to advise you towards the finish you are looking to achieve, so if you were to purchase from us, we’d love to support you through the process. 

With The Sign Maker, you can specify the lettering, images and features you’d like from a slate sign, and we will ensure that we deliver something that meets and exceeds your expectations. Just a side note – while white is the most popular lettering selection, Purbeck or Lichen lettering can create a softer appearance, which may be preferable for a house sign. 

Slate House Signs | | The Sign Maker | Hand Crafted, Quality Sustainable Signs

Corian – A Modern Stone Alternative

Corian is a fantastic material to work with. Over our years of sign making, the way that we work with Corian has evolved so that we can offer a wide range of colours and we can craft with our highest quality of detailing to date. As a result, Corian may be best if you’re looking for a house sign that features images! With its uniform surface and little to no maintenance needed once these signs are in situ – it is unsurprising that Corian has become one of our most popular house signs. 

Corian House Signs | The Sign Maker | Hand Crafted, Quality Sustainable Signs

Painted Signs 

Over the past number of years, we have seen the popularity of painted house signs steadily increase. Their stand-out finish and flexibility in terms of design and timber selection make them the perfect choice for a gifted bespoke house sign. While Accoya would be our recommended timber of choice due to the way that it bonds with the paint that we use, we have a great range of timbers that would also be suitable for you. From Oak to wood-based Tricoya, we know that we can find the perfect fit for your house sign! 

Painted House Signs | The Sign Maker | Hand Crafted, Quality Sustainable Signs

House Signs from The Sign Maker

From hanging house signs to wall-mounted plaques – we are proud to offer a huge variety of bespoke signs that can be tailor-made to you. The beauty of this is that we can design and craft signs that are just what you have been imagining all this time. Our house signs come in all shapes, sizes, materials and prices, crafted with our sustainable ethos by our award-winning team of craftsmen. We might be a small, family-run, Devon-based sign manufacturer, but we are known for our quality signage and hope that you will choose to work with us! 

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