Autumnal Wildlife Update

The leaves are changing colour, the colder weather is moving in and now and again you’ll hear the faint hum of a Christmas tune from the office which can only mean one thing – autumn is upon us and winter won’t be far behind. With that in mind, we thought we would give you a short autumnal wildlife update to let you know how things are looking environmentally onsite in this season, and how we are preparing for the changes ahead. 

Caring For The Birds

This year, we have seen more birds onsite than ever before. As we continue to increase the biodiverse landscape of the site – this shouldn’t have been a surprise to us, but it has been a lovely treat never-the-less! The arrival of autumn has seen several species of birds leave us for the year, though we hope with our newly installed swallow cups that we will see the swallows specifically return next year. However, we are still seeing our usual local favourites feeding and living here.

Over the coming season, we will continue to ensure that our wildlife ponds remain a constant reliable water source. We will also endeavour to keep the feeders topped up (although the amount of birds we get coming here means that they are quick to empty out)! Our director, Kate, is currently mapping out the space for a micro forest which we hope will enrich the habitat currently available to the birds here (they will certainly have many trees and shrubs to choose from going forwards).

Autumn at The Sign Maker

Tree Planting Season

Speaking of the micro-forest, it is tree-planting season here in the UK! From now until March/April time is considered the best time to plant a tree. This is because plants are dormant and the soil conditions are at their best during this time. We would advise against planting when the ground is too wet or too cold as your sapling in its infancy will not survive or thrive as it is destined to! Take your time to pick a perfect spot and ensure that you have loosened the roots to give them the best opportunity to ground themselves.

It is also not too late to join The Queen’s Green Canopy community which you can find out more about in one of our earlier blog posts, or via the Queen’s Green Canopy website. With Her Late Majesty The Queen drawing national attention to the importance of planting for future generations, perhaps this is the year where you plant a tree for the future.

Do let us know how you get on while we update you on our own tree planting season here onsite too! 

Autumn at The Sign Maker

Snug As A Bug

Many of us will have heard of the saying ‘snug as a bug’, but how can we help the bugs stay snug in this upcoming season?! The simplest way to help out the insects and creepy crawlies is by allowing your garden to be their haven. By forming piles of leaves or allowing some of your plants to grow out, you’ll be providing a warm, safe place of refuge for any bugs that come your way.

Bugs are an essential part of the ecosystem and a significant number of our plants are pollinated by everyday insects! They improve the soil quality (helping us through our season of tree planting) and generally they can just be very interesting to watch so they are definitely worth watching out for this autumn. 

The Sign Maker Ethos

Despite being a sign manufacturing company, caring for the wildlife and being mindful of the environment is a significant part of our broader ethos as a business. We have always believed that it is our responsibility to make our site a wildlife haven and to have a consciousness about the world around us. This is why we continue to share our journey with you, and we hope to inspire you to do what you can where you are too! 

We’d love to know what you’re getting up to environmentally this autumn! Drop a message with your wildlife updates, or tag us on social media – we’d love to connect with you. 

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