Making Your House Your Home

There are numerous ways to go about making your house your home. Whether hanging up family photos or sprucing up the living room with a splash of your favourite colour – stylising your space is the perfect way of making a space feel like yours. With autumn arriving on our doorstep, it is possible that we may be spending a little more time at home (not forgetting that Christmas is fast approaching too)!

What if we said we had the perfect way of making your house feel like home in this upcoming season? Something that would be long-lasting, personal to you, and handcrafted by an award-winning manufacturing team? We could even say that this would make an excellent gift?! Well, look no further than our range of nameplate signs – perfect for your home to close out 2022 in style. 

Nameplate Signs

The large majority of our signs could be crafted into the perfect nameplate for your home. Prepared using top-quality materials and finished with great attention to detail, our bespoke signs are something special. From timber and metal to vinyl and stone, our catalogue of signs gives you a great range to choose from. We have pulled out some of our favourites for you to explore below. 

Man Cave | Wooden Nameplate | Making Your House Your Home | The Sign Maker

Onsite, we work with a great variety of timbers: Oak, Cherry, Douglas Fir and Cedar to name a few (check out our main website for our full range)! We can achieve a range of finishes with timber giving you the chance to design a nameplate that fits your home.

Slate Nameplate House Sign | Making Your House Your Home | The Sign Maker

Slate signage was picked out by many of our team when we did a round-up of the team’s favourite signs. As a result, these slate signs had to make the short list! Its versatile designability allows us to craft both traditional and modern slate signs that would make a nameplate to be proud of. 

Cast Iron Nameplate House Sign | Making Your House Your Home | The Sign Maker

Our hand painted cast signs are beautiful. Often designed with motifs and bold colours, we have seen some one-of-a-kind signs that we have been proud to have been a part of crafting. Crafted to last and illustrating a refined approach to sign making, we would highly recommend a nameplate crafted from cast iron.  

Entrance Signs | Making Your House Your Home | The Sign Maker

Entrance signs are a fantastic way to get the attention of passers-by! Whether opting for a traditional entrance sign or one of our unique hockey stick signs – you are on to a winner. These signs are popular with our customers, and the final signs are something to marvel at. Therefore, if you’re looking for a nameplate that will be a warm welcome, then our entrance signs are hard to beat. 

A Recent Transformation!

However, that being said, don’t just take our word for it! We were recently sent a photo of one of our French styled nameplates in situ. Our lovely customer wrote alongside it, “Research brought me to The Sign Maker and I am thrilled with the result. I think our little home is too. The sign itself is like a fine sculpture, a pleasure to touch. The French blue is just right next to the French house number. I’m very pleased to have found these artisans and to recommend their work for your own special project.”. 

We were thrilled to read this review! We believe it really brings home that a nameplate can make all the difference in making your house your home. If you’re looking for a nameplate, we would love to hear from you. We care about our signage because we know how much these pieces matter to you. This is why we would love to work with you on something special with you for your home this year.

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