Champion Manufacturer Of The Year!

We recently had the privilege of attending the North Devon Manufacturing Awards, a fantastic evening hosted by the NDMA to celebrate local manufacturing businesses. It was joyous to share the evening with businesses from across North Devon, many of whom we’ve not had the opportunity to connect with in person since before the pandemic. It was a great opportunity to celebrate each other and come together as a community. 

An amazing night was topped off by walking away with an award ourselves! We are thrilled to announce that The Sign Maker has been named Champion Manufacturer Of The Year 2022! With the knowledge that we were surrounded by some formidable businesses, this came as a huge shock to us – but we couldn’t be more delighted. This award considered the improvements we’ve made to the efficiency of the business, the challenges we’ve overcome, our dedication to the community and how we will grow going forwards. The announcement gave special mention to our success as a small business, our blog and online community, and our ‘Queen Bee Project’ from earlier this year. We were also praised for our commitment to the environment as runners-up for the Environmental Project Award! 

North Devon Manufacturing Awards Champion Manufacturer Of The Year 2022 (The Sign Maker - craftsmen of Signs and Memorials).

There aren’t words enough to express our gratitude to the NDMA for recognising our family-run business in such a competitive business landscape. We already anticipated this being an exciting season for The Sign Maker, but to be named as Champion Manufacturer Of The Year 2022 is a moment for our business that we will cherish forever. Who knew that one house sign as a family favour would lead us to where we are now?!

So, what next?!

Autumn won’t just bring change to the leaves around us, but exciting changes and ventures for The Sign Maker too. You’d think we’d stop there, but we pride ourselves on constantly pushing our business to be the best that it can be. The recent launch of a new material, PaperStone, is a project that we are hugely enthusiastic about, while we are also in the process of marking out the landscape for a micro-forest and further sources of renewable energy. We are also looking to continue linking with others to share our passion for the environment and we are forever expanding our product range and researching both methods and materials that we can utilise. This upcoming season for The Sign Maker will be one to watch! 

Thank You

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our Sign Maker Family. We could not do this without you and this award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of each and every one of our team. We’d also like to thank those who have supported us as we’ve grown our business over the past twenty years – it’s been a joy to bring you along for the ride! 

North Devon Manufacturing Awards Champion Manufacturer Of The Year 2022 (The Sign Maker - craftsmen of Signs and Memorials).

Lastly, just a reminder to subscribe to the blog and check out our social pages to be the first to know about what’s new at The Sign Maker – when we all support local, incredible things happen – as this years awards season is proving to us!!

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