New Product: PaperStone Signs and Memorials

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our material line-up – PaperStone!

At The Sign Maker, we’re constantly researching new materials that we can utilise to deliver the very best signs and materials to you. We strive to do this all while maintaining our sustainable ethos and broadening our range of sustainable signage. This is why we are so excited to launch PaperStone signs and memorials. We hope this blog explains a little more about PaperStone itself, but also highlights to you some of its benefits! This is a product launch that we have been particularly looking forward to as we believe that PaperStone is full of potential!

The New ‘Stone’ On The Block

We were surprised to find out just how PaperStone is made, and we suspect that you might be too! PaperStone is made up of an assortment of layers consisting of recycled FSC paper and cardboard. The layers are then saturated with a petroleum-free, pigmented natural resin (extracted from the shells of cashew nuts)! Once the layers have been assembled, the elements are pressed under extreme heat to form one compressed layer of PaperStone which can be utilised, in this case, for signs and memorials. 

PaperStone Signs and Memorials | Sustainable PaperStone Products from The Sign Maker

Smooth to the touch, and available in several selected colours, PaperStone stands out for all the right reasons. This lightweight, sustainable material is like no other we’ve ever worked with. That being said, we have already produced some really beautiful results with it ahead of the launch! Capable of withstanding the pressure of engraving, we are able to craft on PaperStone with intricate designs including small text, borders and images. This should enable you to design the perfect sign or memorial without limitations. We have also found that bold, classic designs take to PaperStone well because of the layered build-up of this material.

Putting PaperStone To The Test

Our director, Kate, first discovered PaperStone while exploring different colour availabilities in Corian (a stone-like material that has also proved popular at The Sign Maker). Having uncovered PaperStone’s potential, Kate ordered a sample so that the experimentation could begin. We were delighted to discover that PaperStone is not only crafted from a recycling process, but the material itself is also recyclable. It turns out that we didn’t know just what The Sign Maker was missing out on until now!  

Shaun took the material in hand and tested whether or not PaperStone was a material that we could engrave on. Once Kate and Shaun had established that PaperStone appeared to be exceeding our expectations, we went on to trial a number of designs on several different colours of PaperStone so that we could select a range of colours for our signs and memorials. 

PaperStone Signs and Memorials | Sustainable PaperStone Products from The Sign Maker

The designs take their place on PaperStone with exceptional success. The clean finish, bold impact and versatility of design capabilities make this a ground-breaking material. We anticipate this material to be hugely popular, despite perhaps being less traditional. PaperStone’s unique qualities, stunning appearance, and eco-friendly benefits are certainly something to marvel at!!

PaperStone Signs and Memorials from The Sign Maker

PaperStone Signs and Memorials | Sustainable PaperStone Products from The Sign Maker

There are several ways that we can make PaperStone work for you – especially if you’re looking for something lightweight and sustainable. No matter if you’re looking for a sign or memorial, PaperStone could be an excellent choice. We have chosen six colours of PaperStone, some of which are available in different thicknesses. The team greatly considered how we’d offer the best range of choice for a sign or memorial. The range can be viewed and ordered from our online shop or by contacting our office team for more information.

As with any sign or memorial ordered from The Sign Maker, we take care crafting because we care about you! Our award-winning team look forward to working with you, and we hope that you will be as excited about PaperStone as we are!     

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