Superior Tough Print Signs

Come rain, shine or snow, outdoor signage is put through it which is why we offer a range of superior tough print signs! These specific signs and memorials are crafted to stand the test of time in even the most adverse conditions. This year, we have seen some extreme weather across the UK, and we are also aware of the pressures caused by a changing economic climate. Therefore, investing in signage and memorials to last may be precisely what you’re looking for, and we are glad that you have come across our blog to learn more about what we offer at The Sign Maker. 

What Is Superior Tough Print?

You might be wondering, ‘What is superior tough print signage’? Fortunately, we have the answer! Superior Tough Print signs and memorials are fully encapsulated aluminium pieces. The printed signs can include photos, images, text and colour – including signs designed with smaller and finer details. Superior Tough Print Signage goes through a four-stage production process following the finalisation of the design. It is this thorough process that gives the signage its renowned durability, toughness and outstanding print quality. These signs and memorials are a cost-effective alternative to enamel signage that has similar qualities.

Tough Print Signage - Golf Course Sign. and Commemorative Plaque. Made In Devon by The Sign Maker using aluminium.
Tough Print Signage

Benefits Of Superior Tough Print Signs and Memorials

There are numerous benefits of Superior Tough Print! From exceptional durability to being 100% recyclable, superior tough print stands out from our other signage. Claiming qualities such as being fire and graffiti-resistant, invulnerable to exposure to water and approved by tests assessing its ability to withstand scratches or impact – superior tough print signs are crafted to last. Unique qualities such as being UV resistant and available with an anti-bacterial coating are also worthy of note. 

Situational qualities aside – superior tough print signs and memorials can be tailored to your specifications and designs. Being able to include photos, pictures and images is a wonderful way to celebrate precious memories and designs. 

Tough Print Hand Drawn Map and Memorials. Made In Devon by The Sign Maker
Tough Print Hand Drawn Map and Memorials

The Sign Maker Treatment

At The Sign Maker, we pride ourselves on crafting bespoke signage that is exactly what you’re looking for. Our experienced office team will ensure that ordering a sign with us is an enjoyable experience. Meanwhile, our expert sign makers will craft a sign or memorial for you that meets and exceeds your expectations. We use a blend of traditional and modern methods to achieve the very best signage possible, while we also operate with a sustainable ethos throughout production! You’ll receive the personable service of a family-run business, while your signage will be crafted to an industry standard. You can read more about The Sign Maker Ethos here

If you like the sound of our Superior Tough Print Signs and Memorials, then do get in touch with us! Alternatively, head to our website or online shop to browse our full range of signage; we’d love the opportunity to work with you. 

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