North Devon Biosphere Partnership!

As you may be aware, since launching The Sign Maker, we have been committed to caring for our natural surroundings. Being based in the heart of North Devon, we are deeply passionate about the local environment, wildlife and coastline. This is why we are so excited to announce that we are officially in a North Devon Biosphere Partnership. We wanted to use this blog to talk to you more about The North Devon Biosphere, as well as talk about why we are committed to increasing our bio-diverse impact as a business. 

Here at The Sign Maker we care about the environment at that is why we are a North Devon Biosphere partner.

Who Are The North Devon Biosphere?

The North Devon Biosphere have one overarching mission; to connect people and nature together. The North Devon Biosphere Organisation acts as a forum to connect the community who share this vision. When communities find an increased sense of meaning in nature, the Biosphere appears to have a brighter future. By creating and unifying a community of individuals with similar aspirations, The North Devon Biosphere Organisation can make a real difference.

We think that North Devon is a truly special part of the world. Between the landscape, the coastline, and the local wildlife, North Devon is a hive of diversity. There is so much to love and cherish about the local gems that surround us. We are thrilled to be one of many Devon-based businesses making a pledge for nature so that we might see nature flourish better than ever before. 

Here at The Sign Maker we do lots for the environment.

Why Are We Partnering With Them?

Through a North Devon Biosphere Partnership, we hope to protect the future of the biosphere for future generations to enjoy. We share their vision and believe that by partnering together, we can be part of the environmental solution. 

The Sign Maker (based on Yelland Farm) is proud to support the local wildlife. We do this through wildlife ponds, bird feeders, a collection of beehives and a flourishing wildflower patch. If you don’t yet know all we get up to, you can find a previous post of ours here. In addition, we are committed to sustainably running our business with renewable energy and sustainable packaging. Though we are striving for our greenest year yet, we are proud of what we have achieved so far. We hope to be inspired by The North Devon Biosphere Organisation and the growing community going forwards.

Believing that we can make a difference is an important mindset to inhabit. This is something that The Biosphere has been able to demonstrate to us clearly. Shaping the future on a global scale starts with local everyday changes. By making this pledge with The North Devon Biosphere community, we can guide and follow each other as we strive to make a positive difference. 

How Can You Get Involved?

This call to action may appear to be a big commitment at first glance, but ultimately, supporting The Biosphere is simply about engaging with it positively! If you’re visiting North Devon, you can check out some of the local nature reserves and wildlife hotspots. If you’re a local then there are a variety of volunteering opportunities across North Devon that might interest you. Alternatively, you could perhaps consider partnering with The North Devon Biosphere yourself. We are so excited to be on this journey and we’d love for you to join us! 

This partnership is a wonderful step for us, so we’d like to thank The North Devon Biosphere for partnering with us. We’d encourage you to get involved with The North Devon Biosphere because they are a fantastic organisation. They can be found on social media, or alternatively through their website.

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