Impact Engraving

At The Sign Maker, we are always experimenting with new techniques. We do this because we want to craft the very best signage for you. Most recently, we have been exploring impact engraving, so we thought that we would talk you through the process.

Impact engraving is an excellent technique to add more detail toy our sign or memorial.

Impact Engraved Granite Signs and Memorials

Impact engraving can be considered the most efficient solution for engraving images, portraits and drawings onto granite. This technique enables us to design with greater precision. As a result, we are then able to create a consistent finish across our craftsmanship when working with stone. Impact engraving involves a small needle engraving the design by repeatedly piercing the surface of the granite. The needle pierces through the hard polished surface, which is what allows the design to stand out from the stone. 

The impact engraving technique was first trialled by Shaun. After testing out a design on a space piece of granite, Shaun went on to craft our first impact engraved memorial. The result was fantastic (and can be seen in our Pinterest Gallery). Shaun can determine the strength and frequency of the needle’s movements to characterise the image. Because of this, we can craft designs with depth and consideration; the precision of this technique is something to marvel at. The designs crafted in this way have already been well received by customers of ours, and we are impressed with the results achieved with impact engraving.

Include beautiful images on your sign or memorial with impact engraving.

The engraving is surface deep, just deep enough to be filled in with paint should this be the finish the customer is looking for. This is because impact engraving, in essence, makes the granite porous, enabling the paint to settle into the engraving. This is a unique finish that we offer at The Sign Maker, something that not all companies may offer, but we love the way that these designs stand out for all the right reasons.

Buying A Sign from The Sign Maker

We like to use a blend of the old techniques with modern technology. The blended techniques give us the best opportunity to craft signage to the highest standard! When it comes to detailed designs on stone, specifically granite, impact engraving outperforms the sandblaster and other traditional engraving machinery. We believe that impact engraving will continue to be a popular choice because of the ability to create refined and defined detailed designs.   

At The Sign Maker, we specialise in bespoke signage. We are led by you, and we want to achieve your dream results. If you have any questions regarding each process or finish, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! In addition to our granite signage, we have a whole range to offer you. We cant wait to hear from you, and work towards signage that you can be proud of.

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