Entrance Signs To Make Your House Feel Like Home

Many of us take great pride in our home – stylised decor helping us to make a space feel like ours. Having the ability to fill a house with character can make a real difference to how you feel about your home, in addition to visitors and passers-by. We find that it is the small, seemingly insignificant details that can transform a house into a home, providing a conversation starter and injecting some personality from the moment someone arrives at your house. So, why not invest in a bespoke entrance for the warmest welcome possible to your home!

At The Sign Maker, we have designed hundreds of brilliant entrance signs – each one unique and crafted to perfection. With so many options available due to the nature of offering bespoke signage, we have selected some of our top entrance signage – specifically chosen for homeowners – with a variety of budgets and style preferences in mind. 

Natural Wooden Entrance Signs

Bespoke wooden signage is one of our specialities, so it is not a surprise to us that our natural wooden entrance signs are hugely popular. We work with many different timbers onsite, although Oak or Iroko would be the recommended timber for these particular signs. 

Oak can be seen as the traditional choice for a sign. Oak’s lengthy history and formidable reputation elevate it above other timber selections. Oak is strong, weighty and has a beautiful grain. In addition, when maintained, Oak will last a lifetime. Although it is worth noting that varnishing will be required to sustain Oak’s signature appearance.

Beautiful, high-quality oak entrance signs crafted by our carpenters at The Sign Maker.
Oak Entrance Signs

Alternatively, Iroko is a strong and durable hardwood that is naturally oily. Its rich colour is what makes it recognisable. You can continue to reoil iroko timber, however, without maintenance, the sign still has a beautiful quality, with silver-like tones running through it. 

Stunning Iroko e
Iroko Entrance Signs

Painted Entrance Signs

Our painted entrance signs have grown in popularity since we first opened at The Sign Maker, perhaps because people are now seeking out more modern signage. Much like our natural wooden entrance signs, our painted entrance signs come in a wide variety of timbers. However, we have picked out a few favourites for you. 

One of our favourite timbers for painted signs is that of Sapele, is a highly sustainable, hard and durable hardwood – increasing its stability too. The lack of movement in the timber makes it an ideal timber selection for large painted signage. Paint bonds well with Sapele, creating an admirably smooth finish. 

Sapele painted entrance signs make for a beautiful house or business sign.

Oak makes for a fantastic painted entrance sign. It is known to be the most durable timber, and we use a two-component polyurethane paint that lasts better than standard paint. Though we like that you can see Oak’s grain through the paint, others prefer a cleaner look which can be achieved with Tricoya or Sapele.

Oak is another great timber for painted entrance signs as the grain shows through the wood.

Tricoya is our cheapest option, but that doesn’t mean that these signs compromise on quality. In fact Tricoya comes with a 50 guarantee! It is thinner then the other timbers and can only be used for the face of the sign while the posts will still need to be Oak or Sapele.

tricoya is an interesting timber choice for painted signs, crafted at The Sign Maker.

Paint is a great way to personalise your sign. Painted entrance signs can be matched and designed in line with existing colour schemes, again perfect for your home setting. We can design and craft you a warm and inviting entrance sign – a piece that reflects your home before anyone ever sees the inside! 

T-Channel Entrance Signs

If you’re looking for a simple, budget-friendly entrance sign, then one of our T-Channel entrance signs may be for you. The main signboard is crafted using aluminium composite. The main sign is then inserted between two wooden posts which can be left in their natural appearance or painted (it is worth noting that these signs will be delivered unassembled, but can be easily screwed together on arrival). 

T-channel entrance signs are a great budget friendly entrance signs that look fantastic.

Aluminium composite comes in a wide variety of colours, and you can design these pieces with additional images, borders and fonts – making them a great value for money entrance sign!

Ordering An Entrance Sign With The Sign Maker

We take great pride in our amazing team at The Sign Maker. From the office team to our award-winning craftsman, we aim to make the process as simple as possible. We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions about our signage ahead of placing an order. You can order over the phone or through our handy online shop! 

Following your order, quote and initial payment, you will receive a proof copy of your sign, at which point you can respond with any adjustments that you require. We are proud to offer a bespoke service, so getting these signs right for you is really important to us! Our customer service team are on hand to answer your questions and queries at any stage of the process. 

Entrance signs are a wonderful way to characterise your home. They would also make a great gift and, with The Sign Maker, you can guarantee something of excellent quality. If you’re looking for an entrance sign, we’d love to hear from you – we can’t wait to work with you. 

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