The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 

There is a definite sense of anticipation about a certain upcoming royal event. From bunting and tree stakes to afternoon teas fit for a queen – it is wonderful to see communities going all out to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s seventy-year reign. If you haven’t already heard – the platinum jubilee is to be celebrated over a four day weekend from June 2nd to June 5th 2022. Major events, such as The Queen’s Birthday Parade, will see thousands gather in London across the four days. However, even if you’re tuning in from home, you won’t miss out as many of the ceremonies and royal engagements will be televised on the BBC. London events aside, nationally, communities will be lighting beacons, sharing time together, and embracing British culture like never before – including here in Devon. 

Qieen's Platinum Jubilee plaques crafted at The Sign Maker.

Organised Celebrations Across Devon

Buckingham palace won’t be the only place celebrating over the jubilee weekend. Wherever you are based, local communities appear to be planning to make the jubilee a weekend to remember. Here in Devon, plans are still being finalised but there is already a great deal going on (some of which we have listed below).

1) North Devon’s Clovelly will be celebrating across the four day weekend with music and entertainment. The coastal village, it itself, will be a beacon of light as it welcomes locals to come together.

2) At Seaton Beach in East Devon, the Jurassic Area Wild Swimmers (JAWS) are hosting a Beach Tea Party! The group are encouraging family and friends to gather all along the beach, bringing together the local community in a way that is inclusive and fun!

3) Newton Abbot, in South Devon, will be hosting events across the weekend. Friday evening will see the lighting of three local beacons, as many will do over the weekend. A gathering in the town is planned for Saturday 4th, followed by a ‘Party In The Park’ on Sunday 5th. The Sunday event will involve music, kids’ entertainment, crafts, and plenty of refreshments!

4) On Exeter High Street, there will be a street party held on June 2nd. In the evening, the Mayor and The Sea Cadets will join the nation in lighting a Beacon. This will take place by the Quay. The event is open to locals and visitors, and should be a wonderful time of celebration!

Street Parties for The Platinum Jubilee

Nothing says ‘British celebration’ like a street party! The suspicion is that people will street party in their thousands as they have done in jubilees past. Helpful information on street partying can be found on the government website – including details on how to register your event! If you’re looking to make your street party extra special, why not check out some of The Sign Maker’s bespoke signage to help you on your way! That being said, perhaps you are looking to attend a street party rather than host one? If that is the case, then pack up your scones and check out the jubilee events page here to find a street party near you!

The Queens Green Canopy: Tree Planting with The Sign Maker

The first ‘jubilee tree’ was planted within the grounds of Windsor Castle earlier this year. Tree planting could be considered a profound declaration of hope as the act draws parallels with the planting of Verdun Oak trees at the end of World War I. ‘The Queen’s Green Canopy’ is a call to action – asking individuals, groups and communities to invest in the environment that surrounds us while honouring The Queen’s rein.

We wanted to find a way to help enable others in their celebrations and declarations of hope. As a result, we have designed a tree plaque that can be used to dedicate the planting of a tree to The Queen. We are thrilled to say that there has already been a huge demand for our Platinum Jubilee Tree Stake Plaques. The plaques are strong and durable, so they are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. Additionally, they have a simple sophistication about them (they can be found here in our online shop). You tribute can also be fun and vibrant as these pieces come in a variety of colours too. We look forward to honouring The Queen ourselves with a plaque of our very own on-site. 

The Platinum Jubilee: A Weekend To Remember

We believe that the platinum jubilee will be a weekend to remember for thousands across the UK. Whether attending an organised event or celebrating from the comfort of your own home, there is plenty going on! We’ll be sharing local events and our own celebrations on our socials, but we also want to hear from you. Let us know what you will be getting up to for the platinum jubilee this June.

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