Rainbow Sandstone 

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There is nothing that we love more than discovering new and exciting materials to work with! A favourite of ours is the Rainbow Sandstone that we recently acquired! Rainbow Sandstone may be a lesser-known material, so we wanted to share a little more about the kinds of signage that it might work well for, and why it has become a favourite here at The Sign Maker. 

The beautiful Rainbow Sandstone is stone to make you go wow, crafted here at The Sign Maker.

Rainbow Sandstone

Rainbow sandstone speaks for itself in terms of its premium appearance. Because of the intense swirls and deep colour, Rainbow Sandstone has a warmth that is hard to compete with. It is undeniable that this material catches the eye of passers-by; the patterns are created just as much by colour as the swirls within the stone. Intense tones of burnt orange and purple merge together, which admittedly doesn’t sound too great, but in practice looks fantastic! 

There is a vibrancy and energy to Rainbow Sandstone that stands out for all the right reasons. In addition, there is a natural charm to this material, with each piece being entirely unique (a definite attraction to using this stone for sign making). 

Designing Your Rainbow Sandstone Sign

As always, The Sign Maker continues to specialise in bespoke signage. We also pride ourselves on our high-quality designs and craftsmanship. As is the case with many of our signs, you have free rein over fonts and the sign layout. In addition, you have access to a range of colours for lettering (though we recommend either black or white). Onsite, we can design these signs with simple images, ideally a silhouette as opposed to any imagery with fine lines and details. These bolder designs have a wonderful presence and make a great statement. Furthermore, you can design these particular signs with a border, which may well add the final finesse that you are looking for from your design.

Rainbow Sandstone is unique and beautiful for signs, crafted here at The Sign Maker in North Devon.

This brand new product is a wonderful choice for a sign. We believe that Rainbow Sandstone makes for particularly beautiful house signage, but this material would also be striking for a business sign due to its bold appearance and hanging suitability.

We can’t wait to start seeing our rainbow sandstone signs in situ! The signs pictured are the first, we hope, of many fantastic signs made with this unique material. Our customer service team are on hand to answer any questions or queries about our signage, including our newest materials. Alternatively, you can order a sign directly from our online shop

The Future Of Sign Making at The Sign Maker…

We wonder what other materials you would like to see our team craft with at The Sign Maker – we’d love to hear what you think of our Rainbow Sandstone, and chat to you about what you might be looking for from us in future ventures!

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