Attraction and Accommodation Site Signage

Welcoming is a word that comes to mind when considering how we want attraction and accommodation sites to feel. Our favourite local attractions are perhaps our favourites because they feel like home; the path ahead is clear and you know exactly where you are, and where you are going. This is why bright, bold and clear business signage is so important for local businesses. Here at The Sign Maker, we appreciate how important business signage is, especially as a business ourselves. We wanted to create this guide of signs that may be beneficial if you are a local attraction or accommodation site. 

Attraction and Accomodation Signage

Entrance Signs

An entrance sign is your chance to create a lasting first impression of your business (see our previous blog here). You want your sign to stand out, to represent your business, and to be memorable for all the right reasons.

We particularly favour the wooden framed entrance signs, which we typically create with Oak and aluminium composite. These signs are simple, elegant and, above all, both high quality and cost-effective. They also have a soft vibrancy that feels inviting for new customers. Our wooden entrance signs are easy to tailor to your business, allowing you to put your unique stamp on the sign too. 

Panelled Ladder Signs 

Panelled Ladder signs have proven themselves to be a popular choice here at The Sign Maker. These signs are clear to read and can be adapted with different designs, timber, fonts and colour schemes. We consider the longevity of these signs carefully and treat them accordingly. When you invest in a business sign with us, you can count on it lasting well. 

Directional Arrows and Finger Post Signs

Having your visitors and customers know where they are going can make a real difference to how they feel on your business site. We design and create a wide range of directional arrows signs that are fit for this purpose and can be a wonderful addition to your on-site signage. 

The directional arrows can be made from aluminium (solid or cast), aluminium composite, rustic ply, PVC or wood. Some of these can be made as singular arrows or as fingerpost signs (where you have more than one arrow on a single post). 

Display Signs 

Lectern signs are a fantastic way to display information clearly. Generally, we mount these pieces at a 45-degree angle to make them as accessible as possible. They are bespoke pieces, allowing you to design a display sign exactly as you need it to be. These signs can be made from any of our wooden timbers, or from tough steel – both have a great finish. 

Accessibility is an important thing to consider, for local attractions in particular. These signs can be designed at a suitable height for children and wheelchair users which is an attractive feature of these particular business signs. 

Attraction and Accommodation Signage Range

This is just a snapshot of what we have available here at The Sign Maker. If you cannot see exactly what you are looking for, we’d still love to hear from you. We are certain that we could adapt and craft a sign to fit your specifications. We specialise in bespoke, high-quality signage, that will help you achieve a warm, but professional, welcome.

Our website and online shop can navigate you through some of the materials that we use and the processes we go through to craft our signs. This may give you a better insight into what we can do for you.

Signage Offer

We are currently running a national offer for attraction and accommodation sites to order signage at 20% off. You can get hold of the discount code by calling the office before you place an order. There is no better time than now to equip your sites with new signage!

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