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Planning your wedding? You’ve come to the right place!

A wedding is a unique opportunity to bring people together to celebrate your marriage. The pandemic has disrupted so many wedding plans, so it may not surprise you to know that people are taking the opportunity to make the most of their wedding days!

We can help to make your wedding day a special experience for you and your loved ones. Planning your wedding can be a stressful time – there is so much to do and many moments to organise. There are ways that we can help smooth out some of the finer details in your day that you may not have even considered yet! 

Save The Date!

An important part of planning your wedding is the all-important wedding invite. This can be a fun way to announce and celebrate your engagement. It is also a practical necessity to ensure your loved ones save the date of your wedding day. Here at The Sign Maker, we have a small range of ‘save the date’ fridge magnets! We have a range of invitational options, plus the opportunity to completely design your own invitational fridge magnet. Made with top-quality magnetic sheeting – these invitations will stand out to your guests and be a wonderful memento too. 

Beautiful and unique, these save the date fridge magnets at a great concept.

Wedding Signage

Enabling your guests to be comfortable in your wedding venue is an important detail that not everyone would think of. Considering the layout of your venue could make a real difference in how smoothly your day runs. At The Sign Maker, we make a wide range of general signage and directional arrows signs that could be of use to you and your guests. 

We want to help you celebrate in style and make your wedding day one to remember. General signage of your marriage can be a fun detail to include at your venue. When celebrating your partnership – we can create a wedding board with you at the heart of it! Guests can enjoy taking photos with these signs and they are a lovely piece for you to cherish for years to come. 

Here at The Sign Maker we can provide all your wedding signage from directional arrows to main signs.

We are also able to create a sign to welcome your guests, signs for parking, or pretty much signs for anything you can imagine. Whatever you are looking for and regardless of what your budget is, we know we can create the perfect fit for you and your wedding. 

A signage favourite of ours for wedding celebrations happens to be the rustic ply painted directional arrows. These arrow signs can be designed to fit with a variety of themes and settings without breaking the budget. Their simple appearance will charm your guests while also being a practical help for navigating around a new space. They have a lovely finish and are adaptable for a range of venues. Though rustic arrow signs are a favourite of ours, the full range of directional arrows signs can be found online!


Organising the catering for your wedding might feel daunting but setting the scene can help you feel at ease. These extra details will make the catering for your wedding feel special, for both you and your guests. 

We have all seen the drama that can be caused by the wrong seating plan at a wedding! With our full-colour seating plan signs – you can thoughtfully pull your friends and family together and have them find their places with ease. Our attractive table planners can be tailor-made for you, and they are crafted from aluminium composite which is strong but lightweight. The design is waterproof and you can even have the reverse of the board turned into a whiteboard, so you can continue to use it after your wedding day! 

Needing a table planner, favour of place setting? Here at The Sign Maker we have an excellent selection of bespoke wedding products.

Place names are a lovely detail to include at a wedding. When paired up with the seating plan, having place names can keep things running smoothly. We can make a range of wedding table numbers and nameplates to fit in with your wedding themes and make your guests feel a place has been saved for them.

At The Sign Maker, we can also design place mats, centerpieces and coasters specifically for your wedding. From our wide range of materials, we can work with you to craft these special items. A favourite of ours is the slate coasters. These aren’t just practical pieces for your wedding, but they make wonderful gifts for your guests to keep. They would make great wedding favours too. 

What You Can Expect From Us?

We take exceptional care over the signs and products that we design – attention to detail matters to us. You can trust us to take care of some of those important details and to turn them into something rather special for your upcoming wedding celebration! 

No matter how you are choosing to celebrate your wedding, we believe that having some of these personalised touches could enable your day to be one to remember, not just for you but for your guests too.  Our full range can be found online at The Sign Maker Shop and our previous wedding blog can be found here (exploring some of the different products in more detail).

Congratulations on your engagement! Good luck with wedding planning and we look forward to planning this wedding with you!

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