The True Value Of A Business Sign

As a family-run business, we can appreciate the true value of a business sign. From years of running The Sign Maker, and from our experience of making business signage, we have learned a thing or two about the benefits of a good sign. Here we have created a handy blog exploring some things that you might like to consider, including some of the benefits of having good signage.

Beautiful high-quality business signs crafted at The Sign Maker, North Devon.

1) First Impressions Matter

Statistics suggest that 70% of those who work in customer-based environments believe in consistently creating a good first impression. This indicates a value for branding and the correct presentation of your business. Therefore, a first impression shouldn’t be left to chance. Your day to day interactions are important to maintaining a businesses reputation, but these interactions cannot shoulder the weight of the first impression alone. 

Without a sign that showcases your business, inevitably, your business will miss out. The same way people make a judgement within seconds of meeting you, they also make a judgement about your business. Don’t miss out on making a first impression that is notable to potential consumers or clients!

Get a business sign to make a difference, stand out from your competitors.

2) Appearance Can Make A Significant Difference

A series of surveys conducted by the FedEx Office concluded that nearly 8 in 10 consumers interacted with a business that they had never visited before based on its signage. This confirms it; the appearance of a business sign is vital. 

We pride ourselves on being able to create bespoke signage that will enable your business to stand out. To ensure that your sign achieves its full potential, The Sign Maker can work closely with you through the designing process. We can come alongside you and carefully consider the materials, colours and fixtures, and, perhaps most importantly, the design. 

3) What Do You Want A Sign Say About Your Business?

A sign says more about your business than you might imagine. Everything from the design itself to the way that it is made can help you make that desirable first impression. For example, you may want to consider the sustainability of your sign. Demonstrating that your business is considerate of its carbon footprint may be beneficial to your business. 

What is it that you want people to say about your business? If your answer to this question highlights qualities such as professionalism or quality, then your sign should aim to emulate all of this and more, and not just in the way that it looks. Nearly 70% of a surveyed group of people confirmed that a business sign reflected the quality of a good or service. Quality is not something that consumers expect at a service level; it is an experience. Showing care for your business will undeniably make your customers feel as if you care for them too.  

Choose from a wide range of materials, styles and designs when crafting your business sign with The Sign Maker.

Business Signs from The Sign Maker 

The true value of a business sign is beyond what most would imagine. If you are a business owner, we’d love to chat with you about how we can best work with you. At The Sign Maker, we design and craft a wide range of signs fit for a variety of purposes and budgets. Being a business ourselves, we know that a business sign is so much more than a storefront. A sign transforms the way that your customers experience your business, which can have a significant impact. 

We care about making these signs because you care about them too. Our experience in crafting these pieces will give you access to business signage of the highest quality. The Sign Maker’s talented craftsmen are exceptional, and our customer care team are on hand to deal with any questions or queries that you have. 

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