Happy New Year and Welcome Back

We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Break, we are all back to work now and excited to see what 2022 brings. To kick off the year we thought we would share with you our team here at The Sign Maker.

Meet The Team!

Workshop Team

Shaun Price: The Sign Maker was born from an initial favour for Shaun’s mother-in-law! Unsurprisingly, this means that he continues to be essential to running things here onsite. Aside from being the boss, Shaun is one of the main designers. He is also the CNC programmer and he takes responsibility for the lasering and engraving processes. Additionally, Shaun continues to further his research on signage making techniques and materials. Shaun is also the go-to-man for all things mechanical. 

Paul: As our senior carpenter, Paul is kept very busy! The timber arrives as raw wood planks, so Paul transforms the wood from its original form to blank canvas. From posts and arms to backing boards, if you’re looking for a wooden sign, then you can guarantee that Paul has had a hand in its craftsmanship. 

Martin: Martin is our other carpenter here onsite at The Sign Maker. He is a very experienced carpenter that joined our team only very recently. His craftsmanship is second to none. 

Poppy-Lea Price: In the spirit of keeping things in the family, you’ll find Poppy in several aspects of The Sign Maker business. Poppy is the workshop manager and spray painter, so she ensures things run smoothly from the initial order through to production and delivery. In addition to her pivotal roles in the workshop, Poppy also heads up all things marketing for the business.  Poppy is the daughter of Kate and Shaun. 

Here is some photos of some of the members of the workhsop team here at The Sign Maker.

Jake Price: Designing is an important part of bringing your sign together and Jake takes on this role here at The Sign Maker. Not only is he a  designer, but he also ensures that our IT Systems are kept up to date and running at optimum efficiency. Jake is the son of Kate and Shaun 

Anna Skinner: Anna heads up the vinyl department onsite. She is in charge of all of the signage that uses vinyl lettering or printing. Within this role, Anna also takes responsibility for applying vinyl to the signs at this stage of production. The results are stunning! Anna also cuts materials for other departments including rubbers for the stone department and stencils for the painted sign department. Anna is the daughter of Kate and Shaun. 

Kirstee: Kirstee also works in the vinyl department onsite. She too is in charge of the signage that uses cut or printed vinyl. Additionally, Kirstee also helps to prepare stencils and rubbers for the stone and painted departments. 

Caroline: Having begun her time at The Sign Maker in the offices, Caroline has now branched out into the workshop! Caroline takes on jobs such as priming, stencilling and is also a Stonemason. She is extremely versatile and works across several departments. 

Kate: There is so much to learn from what goes on at The Sign Maker. Kate is our workshop assistant who is currently learning carpentry but is already very skilled in cutting the materials for several departments, spray painting the metalwork and making sure all the signs get sent to the right homes.

Kate Price: Kate takes on the big responsibility of running the business! She works across many aspects of the business including the various websites, photo-taking, finances and the day to day operations of how things go here at The Sign Maker. 

Office Team

Clare: Clare is across all aspects of office life as our Office Manager. Super organised and efficient, in the unlikely care that you experience any problems with your sign, you will more than likely speak to Clare. For 2022 Clare will be taking care of our commercial customers. 

Danielle Pullen: Danielle has a broad knowledge on foundry based signs. Working closely with you our customers and our craftsmen to ensure you get the perfect sign you are looking for. Danielle also takes responsibility for communicating changes between customers and our craftsmen when looking at the proofs of the signs.  Danielle is the daughter of Kate and Shaun. 

Debbie: Debbie can assist you when looking for a vinyl sign or engraved plaque. Her understanding of these different products makes it easier for you to make a selection. 

Meet some of the members of our office team who will help you with the purchasing of your sign at The Sign Maker.

Louise: Wooden signage is very popular at The Sign Maker. Louise has a broad knowledge of wooden signs and memorials.  This is a big undertaking, but Louise is great at advising and enabling customers to choose the right pieces. She keeps in mind budget, situation and personal preferences to help you design your perfect sign. Louise will also provide you with quotes in other materials such as brass, anodised aluminium, slate, granite and more. 

Millie: Millie takes on the role of our blogger and copy editor. She works within our marketing team producing social media content and brainstorming how we can assist customers with our content.  Millie’s main responsibility is blogging about products, design processes and life at The Sign Maker, but she also works on our websites. You can find blog posts on looking out for the birds, natural wooden signs and gift-giving here.

Sandra: Sandra heads up our accounts team and makes sure everything is in working order. Sandra is actually Anna, Poppy, Danielle and Jake’s Auntie! 

Ali, Annie and Jackie all work within our sales administration team. They will be some of the first people you speak to at The Sign Maker and they are there to answer your questions and queries. All three lovely women have great product knowledge and can help you decide which is the best material for your sign. They make up our incredible customer service team and are always here to help. 

Further Information

Hope it was helpful to meet the team in this handy blog! We have an amazing workforce here at The Sign Maker and none of this would be possible without them.

As a team, we are excited to see what 2022 had in store for us. We have lots of exciting meetings ahead of us to bring out new and exciting products while continuing to improve the service we provide. We endeavour to produce the highest quality signage with the best customer service. 

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