Ultimate Valentine’s Day Date Guide

A Valentine’s Day Date is somewhat controversial these days. Some feel that the day has been overrun with commercialism, whereas others still enjoy marking the occasion in a traditional way. Though we can show love and appreciation for those around us every day of the year, we believe that Valentine’s Day can be a great excuse to be intentional with our time and affection. In a world full of distractions and the constant pressure to be on the go, we would encourage you to take the time that is needed to invest in your relationships – be they romantic or otherwise! Valentine’s Day dates don’t have to be big or grand – they can be small and simple working with what you already have or a trip to the local supermarket.

We all know that the past couple of years has encouraged us to approach dating in a different way! With lockdown causing problems left, right and center with restrictions on travel and indoor activity, we imagine you’ll be looking for some original date ideas for Valentine’s Day 2022!  

Here are some suggestions of places you could go and things you can do this Valentine’s Day.

enjoy a valentines to remember with our date guide.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


Who’d have thought that spending a night outside in a tent could be romantic, but grab a few fairy lights and light a small campfire, and you’re set for a night under the stars.

Treasure Hunt

Spend some time exploring locally with a treasure hunt. Write a list of clues for your partner to follow and conclude the adventure with a picnic or a cosy evening in. 

A Trip To The Seaside

You can’t go wrong with a trip to the seaside, right? Pick somewhere you maybe haven’t been before, or a beach with a pier and an arcade. Set a budget, and embrace the childlike joy of the beach (you could even take a bucket and spade)! Soak up the time together, and, with any luck, a little sun too. 

National Trust Houses and Gardens.

This can be an inexpensive way to explore somewhere new. There are few distractions to take you away from the experience of sharing time together. There are often facilities on-site making this the perfect idea if you have children with you too!

Cosy Date Night

Build A Den

Who said that den building was just for the kids? I think not! Throw the comfy casuals on, build a den out of sheets, pillows and anything else you can find, and relish in the experience of a cosy night in – staying in is the new going out after all. 

Double Date Night

Who said that you have to spend valentines day alone?! Invite a fellow couple over and spend the night in with pizza making and board games. Super easy and affordable, and a great way to spend quality time with others in your life. 

Virtual Valentine’s Day Dates

Virtual Cook-Off

Facetime each other while cooking a meal together virtually. You will then have a, hopefully, delicious meal to enjoy despite being apart. You could spice things up a little and challenge each other to cook using a certain colour. Great fun and a good challenge for competitive couples. 

Watch Party

Ever wanted to watch a movie in real-time virtually with somebody? Now you can! Many streaming platforms now offer the opportunity to host a ‘watch party’ to share the joy of a disney classic, marvel adventure or romantic comedy virtually. This might be ideal if you find yourself self-isolating or in need of a quiet day in for Valentines this year. 

To Gift or Not To Gift, that is the question! 

Unsure of where you can find Valentine’s Day gifts this year? Then you have come to the right place.  Gift-giving isn’t the love language for everybody, but it may be for your significant other. Our online shop is home to many great products (including personalised breadboards, key rings, photo frames and so much more)! The Sign Maker gifts are simple, but special, making them the perfect Valentines Day gift! 

You could also check out our range of candles, spirits and signage to help you create the date! 

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Why Celebrate Valentines Day?

It is important to remember that Valentine’s isn’t a day just for couples. Whoever you are sharing February 14th with, the day is about being intentional and showing appreciation for any and all of the loved ones in your life. All in all, Valentine’s day is about the little things; a personalised playlist, a cooked breakfast, a short moment to acknowledge a place where love has grown between two people in one way or another. 

Let us know how you are spending Valentine’s, and if you have any unique date ideas of your own! 

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