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Many businesses now been given the green light to start up again since Covid-19 Lockdown started and attracting customers has never been more important. One contributing factor will be your business signs and directing/information signs referring to Covid-19 rules. Here at The Sign Maker we has a huge range of signs to suit all styles and budgets. If you are in need of a new business sign or information sign keep reading to see what we offer.

Here at The Sign Maker we offer high-quality business signs to suit all brands and budgets.

Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are a great option for those who want something to stand out to their customers but also be off the ground and out of the way. Here at The Sign Maker we have a great selection of hanging signs on offer based on tastes and maintenance. Starting of in a traditional material you could choose to have a natural wooden hanging signs. These are a great option because they look fantastic, ooze quality and with the right design can be very in keeping with the businesses brand. However, for some customers natural wooden signs are a bit too traditional. If this is the case for you then why not consider a painted hanging sign. Although still a traditional sign in a sense, with the abundance of colours available you can create a more modern style of sign.

If this still doesn’t quite hit the mark for what your looking for then our traditional framed hanging signs could be just what you are searching for. The center is made from aluminium composite and has either cut or printed vinyl applied to it. This is then framed in timber which can be treated with satin varnish for a natural finish or painted. This type of hanging sign enables you to have a more intricate design/business logo in the center but still have the quality of the timber around the outside.

Finally, for those wanting to keep a more modern feel to their hanging business sign then we have an excellent range of these too. From projecting signs, to PVC boards and solid aluminium. All of which can have cut or printed vinyl applied to it.

Entrance Signs

For those looking for entrance signs for their business driveways and entrances then we have a range of signs that will be perfect for you. Here at The Sign Maker our entrance signs include, natural timber entrance signs, painted entrance signs, a combination of vinyl and wooden entrance signs, stone entrance signs and vinyl entrance signs. All of these signs are bespoke and made to order which means we can make your ideas come true.

Our wooden entrance signs and ladder signs ooze quality. Whether you choose to have it in a natural timber or choose from our wide selection of paint colours, there is something for everyone. Our vinyl entrance signs and ladder signs are a great choice for those wanting something a little but more modern and maintenance free. Being stone masons we also offer an excellent range of stone entrance signs, often we will use a bottom support for the sign or we can inset the sign into the posts.

Finally, we also make superior entrance signs which provide a very elegant look. These signs are made from wood which can either be left natural or painted. We then inset a piece of corian or stone into the wooden face for the actual sign. These signs are a brilliant way to combine two beautiful materials and have a more unique business sign to your competitors.

Wall Signs

If you are after something a little more simple and just want to be able to mount it to a wall then we do have an excellent selection to choose from. Timber is often a popular choice, whether left natural or painted, with the right design it can match your businesses brand perfectly. Another, low-maintenance and long lasting option is that of our stone signs. Again quite a popular choice, especially for holiday cottage businesses.

In keeping with the concept of low maintenance and long-lasting, our engraved signs can be an excellent choice. From Corian, a man made material which looks and feels like stone but can have more detailed logos including can be a great choice. Or perhaps opt for the traditional material of brass which can look quite modern with the right design.

Covid-19 related information signs

Here at The Sign Maker we know how important it is to keep your customers well informed during these difficult times. Therefore, we wanted to share with you some of the low-cost signs you can purchase to help keep your customers feeling safe.

Option one is aluminium composite with either cut or printed vinyl applied to it. It is a fairly in-expensive option that you can fit lots of information on it. Perfect for directing your customer around your shops or providing them with shop information.

Another option is one of our engraved plaques called Anodised Aluminium. It is a long-lasting, low maintenance material which you can again fit lots of information onto it. It comes in a selection of colours including black, blue, green, red and bronze.

Finally we are selling COVID-19 decals which can be stuck onto walls and floors for a big impact.

Further Information

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