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Home bars, pubs, BBQ spaces and man caves have been something many of us have seen over the years. However, when lockdown restrictions were put on the country and furlough began it gave people the time to look at their homes and gardens and create more of these style spaces. And what better way to commemorate the space then with a new sign to welcome guests. Here at The Sign Maker we have had more and more requests to make home pub & bar signs. Therefore, we thought we would share with you some of the materials we think would make great signs.


A material that is great for outside use, is long lasting and low maintenance is that of slate. It is a traditional material but one that with the right design can look modern too. We can make it to any size you would like and it comes in 12mm, 20mm, 30mm and 50mm thick. We also sell rustic slate for those wanted an older look.

Slate is a beautiful, high quality material that is an excellent choice for home bars, pubs and garden signs.


Timber is a tactile material that so many of us love. Here at The Sign Maker we have a great selection of timbers to choose from. Oak is the traditional and one of the most beautiful, it is a very hard wood with a lovely light colour and good grain. For those wanting something a it darker however you could opt for Sapele or Iroko. Iroko has a lovely red colour to it and the grain is stunning. Sapele is another hardwood which is quite dark in colour but also looks fantastic.

Beautiful wooden pub and bar signs made by The Sign Make in North Devon.

Aluminium Composite

For those of you who are looking for something simple or something with a full colour image then aluminium composite is a great choice. Aluminium composite comes in a range of colours including silver grey, slate grey, red, green, black and white but if you choose to have printed design then the colour options are endless! Aluminium composite is also a fairy budget friendly material.

Aluminium composite is a fantastic material for home pubs or bar signs.

Embossed Aluminium

These vintage style signs are beautiful and a great addition to any bar or pub. Made using very traditional methods which have been developed over the last 120 years, with some of the dies for the embossing processing being 80 years old!

Beautiful, bright and personalised embossed signs which are perfect for home bars, pubs and gardens.

Standard Fun Metal Signs

Now we just wanted to add this for a bit of fun but our standard wall signs are a great addition to our bar or pub space. There is an abundance of choice for fun drinking quotes to motivation quotes.

Here at The Sign Maker we have a range of standard pub, home and garden signs.

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