Summer is Here

There is no doubt that the past weeks have been a very strange and uncertain time due to COVID-19. Our lives have changed considerably and it can make us all feel anxious. But the one constant that continues to bring us joy is that of nature, and one thing is for sure, summer is here. So today rather than talking to you about what signs we have been making or what new products we might have coming out we wanted to take some time to appreciate the amazing nature that surrounds The Sign Maker Farm. 

Summer has really come through at The Sign Maker.


The flowers have truly burst into bloom and it has been a delight to see all the wonderful colours. Here at The Sign Maker, we have planted the farmland with a combination of formal gardens and wildlife garden areas. Things like the beautiful whited Calla Lily which provides wonderful structure and height. Additionally, we planted a good range of Roses when we first located here which is now 8 years ago. Now, these beautiful Roses are quite established plants that produce beautiful flowers. 

Formal garden flowers can be spotted at The Sign Maker.

This year we also have a wonderful abundance of foxgloves which has been a delight to see. The wildlife loves this big open flowers, especially the bees which we love to photograph busy collecting pollen. 

A Bumble Bee fetching pollen from a Fox Glove and The Sign Maker.

Another two wildflowers that we have had great success with it the Red Campion and the wild Daisy. Both of which has self-seeded and spread, providing wonderful habitats for wildlife and bright, beautiful colours for us.   

The Sign Maker has lots of wildflowers for the insects including wild daisies and red campion.


When it comes to trees, here at The Sign Maker we have planted a lot! Many of which were planted when we first relocated which is now 8 years ago! Who knows where the time goes. Now, these beautiful trees are all beginning to take shape. From the wonderful willow which we have planted all across the farm which has really come into its own this year. To the Prunus serrula which is the deep red timbered trees that are situated right outside our offices. 

Here at The Sign Maker we have planted an abundance of Willow and some Prenus Serrula.


Finally, we had to give a mention to the wonderful birds who are flying everywhere at The Sign Maker. We have everything from Wrens (two of which live happily in our workshops) to WoodPeckers and we even have a Rookery! As you can see captured in the photograph below you can see a little sparrow taking a drink from the reflection pool. The whole purpose of the large rock placed in the pool was to allow wildlife to safely take a drink, and it looks like it works!

All the wonderful birds that live at The Sign Maker.

We hope you have enjoyed reading out blog on the nature and summer that has arrived here at The Sign Maker. If you want to read more about what we are up to be sure to follow our blog.

Furthermore you can read all about our Caring for The Countryside work on our main website, simply click here.

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