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Painted signs have truly made a comeback in recent years, here at The Sign Maker we have seen this rise in popularity and the abundance of unique signs has been a joy to see. However, we understand that there might be a lot of questions behind how we make painted signs today so we wanted to answer those questions in today’s blog.

Beautiful painted wooden signs made by The Sign Maker.

Timber Choice

The first choice you are faced with when ordering a painted wooden sign is the timber choice. Lots of people still love Oak because it is so traditional. When you paint Oak signs you do have the added benefit of being able to see the grain through the paint still. We make Oak signs in a variety of thickness including 25mm to 50mm thick. However this is not something that everyone likes, for some people they would much prefer to see a very smooth painted wooden sign. If this is you then you have a couple of other choices. Accoya would be one of our main timber choices when it comes to painted signs. There sometimes can still be a small amount of grain visible but very little. However, the main benefit to Accoya is that it is very stable and bonds exceptionally well to the paint. Our Accoya signs can be either 20 or 30mm thick. The final choice is a material called Tricoya, this is a wood based material which is is made using wood shavings and resin. The material is fantastic, it is long lasting and very durable. It comes in 12mm or 18mm thick and has a very smooth finish, with no grain.

High-quality bespoke, painted signs crafted onsite at The Sign Maker.

The Design

When it comes to colours you are spoilt for choice, we have a huge range of colours in stock including many Farrow and Ball matched colours. We use a 2-pack paint which is much more durable than standard paints, helping to increase the durability of your sign. As well as the good variety of stock colours you can choose a completely new colour which we can get matched for an additional fee. In addition to the colours it is important to decide what style font and image (if you want one) you might use. We have a good range of stock images and fonts to choose from but we also have a designer who is here to help create the perfect design for you. Choose a couple of fonts or images and ask our designer to draw up some examples of what your sign could look like. Here at The Sign Maker we think it is important that you get the right design before your sign goes into production.

Purchase a bespoke painted sign from The Sign Maker.

Further Information

We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog, if you have any questions about our painted signs and want to learn more be sure to contact us using any of the methods below. If however this wasn’t quite what you were looking for then take a look at the rest of our blog for other product options.

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