Getting a House Sign that is right for you

A range of beautiful house sign made by highly skilled craftsmen at The Sign Maker, North Devon.

Picking a house sign that is both right for your needs but also suits your home and your style can be difficult. So here at The Sign Maker we wanted to simplify it for you and create an easy guide to picking the right house sign for you.

The Material

The first questions to ask yourself is what material would I like my sign to be? The best way to answer this is one, what style are you naturally drawn to. Secondly, how much care do you want to give it. Here at The Sign Maker we love wooden signs, they are a very tactile product, ooze quality and look great. However they do require a little bit of maintence. Unlike stone signs which also look excellent but once put into place don’t have to be touched. Below is a short guide to which material may work for you.

Wooden Signs

As we said, wooden signs are beautiful and here at The Sign Maker we have a wide variety of timber available. Everything from you traditional oak right through to more modern timbers such as Iroko which looks beautiful once oiled and weathers to a stunning silver look. Take a look at our website for more information on wooden sign might suit you.

Wooden house signs crafted by The Sign Maker.

Painted Signs

One of our popular range is that of our painted wooden signs. We make this from Oak, Tricoya or Accoya, Oak is beautiful as the grain comes through the paint to showcase a traditional timber. Accoya is one of the best timbers you can use for as it is extremely stable and the paint bonds well to the timber for an excellent finish. Finally, Tricoya is another wonderful material that comes with a 50 year guarantee (out of the ground). Plus here at The Sign Maker we offer refurbishments when the paint looks a little tired. Learn more about our painted signs by heading to our website.

Beautiful, high quality painted signs made by The Sign Maker.
Stone Signs

A material that has been round forever but is still very popular is that of our stone signs. From traditional slate to high quality granite there is an abundance of choice. Slate can be traditionally blasted, paint filled and either left natural or oiled for a darker finish. It can be raised and unpainted which leaves the letters darker and the background lighter. Alternatively, you can even paint it and have the letters etched out for a completely different look. For more information on our stone signage head to our website.

Bespoke, high-quality stone signage create in the rural workshops of The Sign Maker.

Usually when it comes to engraved or vinyl plaques people think these should only be for business or memorial use. However, here at The Sign Maker we have actually found it to be a great range of house signs. From you budget friendly acrylic laminate signs, to traditional brass and clear acrylics. Brass does require some maintenance in regards to a polish every so often. However, the rest of our materials are virtually maintenance free. For more information on the wide variety of engraved plaques we have on offer, take a look at our website.

A wide range of interesting engraved and vinyl house signs made by The Sign Maker.
Cast Metal

Finally, we have a very traditional looking sign, cast metal such as brass and bronze. They make for high-quality, smart looking signs and with a variety of options available such as style, colour and shape you can get a house sign that is just right for you. For more information on our cast metal signs head over to our website.

High-quality, traditional cast metal signs from The Sign Maker.

The Style/Design

After picking what material you would like, the next step is the design. What wording do you want on your sign? Is there an image that would help finish the design off with style? It can be tough to know what you want so we have some tips to help you.

Tip 1 – Go out to where you want the sign to be situated and measure the space that you think the sign would go in. This will give you an idea on what size you would like your sign. Take a look at our website which has a handy guide on the size sign vs distance.

Tip 2 – Get a piece of paper and draw your own design, have a play whether you would like the text on one or two lines and whether an image might work.

Tip 3 – Take a look at our websites font and images pages to pick one or more you like.

You can then send us all this information and our expert designers will create a proof for your approval. With the help of the designer you can always changes parts of your proof. Not sure on the font, not a problem we can show you a few designs in different styles and layouts. We are here to help and provide you with the sign of your dreams.

Further information

After you have worked out those details you are onto your way to getting a beautiful new house sign for your home. We hope you have found this blog useful and should you need any more help we have sign experts on the other end of the phone to help you every step of the way.

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