Chemically Etched Stainless Steel & Brass

Today we thought we would chat to you about our chemically etched stainless steel and brass signs. They have a great number of uses from full colour memorials, infographic style signs and business signs. But what makes them so good? Well through this blog post we thought we would tell you all about it.

Amazing chemically etched brass or stainless steel signs by The Sign Maker.

We use a high-quality stainless steel and brass to create a high end finish that is unrivalled to many other engraved materials.

The Process

To create these stunning plaques a unique photographic technique is used that carves the image or wording into the metals surface. One of the key benefits of this method is that it is so precise. This means that photographs or business logos can easily be including. Additionally because its so precise lettering can be very small which is a great benefit for infographic signs.

Chemically etched brass or stainless steel signs made by The Sign Maker.

The Choices

When it comes to choice, here at The Sign Maker we like to provide you with plenty of it. So whether you what ever the size you need it, what ever the design we can help to accommodate it. We have a designer here on site who can help you create the perfect sign or memorial. Additionally because we have high skilled carpenters on site we can create wooden backing boards for your plaques.

Buy chemically etched signs from the Sign Maker.

Further Information

We hope you have enjoyed this blog post and if you would like any further information be sure to get in touch with us using any of the following methods:

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Chemically etched signs are high-quality, made by The Sign Maker.

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