Rustic Slices – a great house sign

Here at The Sign Maker we have a wide variety of house signs, from slate to engraved and of course timber signs. However, today wanted to talk to you about our Rustic Slices and why we think they make for great house signs.

Beautiful, high quality, bespoke rustic slices made by The Sign Maker.

The Product

So you might be wondered what is a Rustic Slice? Well its quite literally slices of timber which we leave the bark on and create into a sign. They are perfect for those of you that are true timber lovers or are after something a little more ‘rustic’. Each rustic is different in shape which makes everyone we make, truly unique.

When it comes to what you want on the sign, the options are endless. We have thousands of fonts and images to choose from. Not sure what you want, no problem, our onsite designer can create a couple of drawings for you to help you decide. Some customers choose to have the lettering simply lasered and left which provides you with a dark brown colour, while others opt for the traditional black paint or even colours!

The final process the rustic slice takes before being sent off to its new home is its treatment to increase the longevity of the product. We reccommend our satin varnish, after which we apply wood milk, both of which help to increase the longevity of the sign. You can however opt to have the sign oiled instead but this will require more regular maintence. Like all wooden products you will have to look after the sign, if you see any signs of water damage such as black marks please re-treat.

High quality rustic slices make for perfect house signs, create by The Sign Maker.

Further Information

We hope you have enjoyed this blog, if you want to know more about our rustic slices then you can contact us using any of the options below. If however this wasn’t quite right for you then take a look at our website for other fantastic house signs. Also don’t forget to follow our blog to keep up to date with our latest blog posts.

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