Spring is in the air

Here at The Sign Maker we have noticed subtle changes in the environment to indicate that spring is on the way despite all the wet weather! Give the rest of our blog post a read to discover what plants have provided us with summer hope.

Spring flowers showing through here at The Sign Maker, North Devon.

The Flowers

One of the first signs of spring is most definitely the bright yellow petals of daffodils, here at The Sign Maker, Kate has made sure we have plenty of them about. As well as the daffodils we have the beautiful Hellebore’s making an a. Another fantastic flower that truly makes you feel like spring is coming.

Spring flowers are popping up here at The Sign Maker which is perfect for the wildlife.

The Willow

The buds are starting to peep out on all the Willow we have planted here at The Sign Maker. This is fantastic as its one of the earliest sources of nectar for our wonderful bees. Kate and the family planted the willow for future fuel for our biomass which fuels the whole site at The Sign Maker. Although that means we will be cutting parts of it down in the future, you do not need to panic as we will be planting lots more batches of willow each year.

Here at The Sign Maker we grow Willow for the wildlife and for our biomass burner.


We couldn’t go writing an environmental blog without mentioning our wonderful bees! They have been doing really well, all winter Kate has been supplying them with a liquid sugar which they have been munching through happily. Now that some early nectar sources are around and we have had a few dry-ish days in between the wet they have been coming out to play.

Here at The Sign Maker we keep bees to help the environment.

Further Information

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