Chalkboards & Whiteboards for Christmas

Getting organised for Christmas is something we all aim to do as early as possible. But its not always easy, here at The Sign Maker we created a Christmas Gift Guide to help you out. Now we wanted to go into a little bit more detail on some of the gifts on the gift guide.

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How they are made

These beautiful high quality chalkboards are made with either oak frames or painted Tricoya frames. The center is then either made with aluminium composite or Tricoya. The aluminium composite boards are only suitable for real chalk while the Tricoya board is suitable for both real chalk or liquid chalk pens. The whiteboards are made in the same way except the center only has the option of aluminium composite. These amazing boards are made in our rural, Devon workshops by our very talented carpenters and spray painters.

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The choice

As mentioned you can have your board framed in either Oak or Tricoya. Oak is very traditional and shows a beautiful grain. While painted Tricoya provides a more contemporary feel. Choose between a wide range of stock paint colours. You can also choose to personalise you board with either lasered letters in the oak or painted letters on the Tricoya. Here at The Sign Maker we have designers onsite who can help create the perfect design for your new board.

These boards are perfect gifts for children’s bedrooms, kitchens or home offices. For more information be sure to contact us using any of the methods below. If however this wasn’t quite the gift you were looking for be sure to take a look at our full Christmas gift guide for more gift ideas.

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