The Sign Maker’s 2019 Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is one of the most special times of year. An occasion where family and friends get together, enjoy good food, great company and experince the joy of gift giving. Here at The Sign Maker we think that giving a gift fills you with as much excitment as recieving one. Thats why we have produced our 2019 gift guide to help you choose the gift which will turn into a cherished moment.

Blackboards / Whiteboards

Our beautiful handmade blackboards or whiteboards are made by our skilled carpenters. Choose to have them framed in natural Oak which is then varnished for longer life. Or choose to have it painted in either Oak or Accoya (a timber which bonds really well to paint and is incredible stable). You can also have it personalised with either painted or lasered wording. Keep you eyes peeled in the coming weeks for more information on these black/whiteboards.

Chalkboards and whiteboards made onsite here at The Sign Maker in North Devon
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Stable nameplates

If you have any horsey friends or family members then a stable nameplate is a sure winner in their eyes. At The Sign Maker we have a variety of different choices but two of the most popular ones are Iroko, a naturally very oily wood which helps to last longer. Or corian which is a no-maintenance material that is very smart and can easily be washed down in a yard.

Beautiful, high quality stable nameplates crafted by The Sign Maker.
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Personalised Chopping Boards

Chopping boards are a present that anyone will be pleased with, whether you go for our thick end-grain chopping board that oozes quality. Or one of our paddle boards which are perfect for making those festive G&T cocktails. There is a chopping board to suit everyone and you can personalise them with any message or image you like for a truly unique gift.

Personalised chopping boards make for great Christmas Presents.
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Fun Signs

Here at The Sign Maker we have a range of fun signs that are perfect stocking fillers. The two ranges include vintage style metal signs with a range of sayings that are bound to make your loved one smile. Alternatively, you can purchase an enamel sign which you can have any message you please on it. Keep watching this space as we will go into more detail of our products over the coming weeks.

Fun metal signs that are bound to put a smile on your loved ones face when gifted.
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Personalised Cufflinks, Necklaces, keyrings and more

Cufflinks and necklaces can be found in most shops, but where The Sign Maker is different is that our cufflinks and necklaces can be personalised. Making them that bit more special, which is perfect for Christmas gifts. We also have a range of other personalised gifts including keyrings, compact mirrors and more. Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks for more information on our gifts for Christmas.

Necklaces, cuff links, key rings and more from The Sign Maker.
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Photo gifts

Photos showcase a beautiful memory that you and your loved one cherish. What better way then re-living that memory then providing them with a gift that re-ignites that memory. Our photo boxes, personalised photo frames or framed canvases do just that. Send us you photo/photos of choice and we can create a beautiful gift that is perfect for Christmas.

Photo gifts are a perfect Christmas present.
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House Signs

High quality, bespoke sign made by craftsmen in North Devon by The Sign Maker.
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Of course we couldn’t not mention out wonderful house signs. A bespoke, handcrafted house sign makes for a beautiful gift that your loved one is bound to enjoy. We have a huge selection of materials, styles, colours, fonts, images and more. With a helpful team, fantastic designers and talented craftsmen we can help create the perfect house sign that you will be proud to give to a friend or family member.

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We hope you have enjoyed our 2019 Christmas guide, over the coming weeks we will go into more detail on the products we have mentioned. Helping you to create the perfect gift this Christmas.

If this wasn’t quite what you were looking for be sure to take a look at the rest of our blog for more ideas.

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