The Big Butterfly Count

As you know, The Sign Maker is a company that is dedicated to doing what we can for the environment. Our most recent contribution was that of taking part in the big butterfly count in association with the Butterfly Conservation group.

Why we took part

Butterflies react quickly to environmental changes which means they are useful indicators in assessing the health of the environment. Therefore, if butterflies are declining it helps to provide early warnings for other wildlife losses. Additionally recording what species of butterflies are around and the quantity helps to identify endangered species and provide strategies to help fight. Since the survey was launched in 2010 and has become popular very quickly with over 100,000 participants taking part in 2018. So be sure to download your own chart, get out and record what you see.

What we found

Well we found lots of different species in varying quantities. First we started our search at some big Buddleia bushes (a firm favourite with the butterflies). Here we found Comma’s, Painted Lady’s, Small Tortoishell’s, Red Admiral’s and Peacocks.

Peacock and Red Admiral butterflies sat on the Buddeia at The Sign Maker
Right – Red Admiral Left – Peacock

Next up was the veggie garden where we spotted a Small White and a Greyling.

More butterflies found at The Sign Maker during the big butterfly count
Left – Greyling (we think) Right – Small White

After that we walked across the field to discover lots of Meadow Brown’s and Common Blues. We then arrived at our wildlife ponds which is a very sheltered spot and of often popular with the butterflies. It was here we found lots and lots of Gatekeeper’s plus some Speckled Wood’s, a Silver Y moth and three very large Silver Washed Fritilary’s.

Butteflies found in The Sign Makers meadows
Left & Right – Meadow Brown’s Middle – Common Blue

What we have been doing to help

So all in all we didn’t do too bad, why? Well we hope its a tick in the right direction as we have been planting up habitats to help the wildlife which includes butterflies and moth’s. This includes lots of Buddleia in lots of locations around the site to encourage butterflies to stop by. Plus we have planted wildflower meadows and created four wildlife ponds which has banks of wild flowers. All of which has helped to encourage butterflies to call The Sign Maker home. When we first moved The Sign Maker to Yelland Farm there was virtually no butterflies, so to record so many has been fantastic. For more information about what we have done here at The Sign Maker just click here.

Lots more Butterflies found down at The Sign Makers wildlife ponds during the 2019 big butterfly count
Left – Speckled Wood Middle – Silver Washed Fritilary (we think) Right – Gatekeeper

What you can do to help

First of all take part in the big butterfly count! It super easy and will help to make a big difference. Next you can always donate to the cause helping the Butterfly Conservation organisation help to improve the countries environment and promote butterfly health. Then if you are feeling even more adventurous, get out in your garden and get planting with the wildlife in mind. Below is a list of just a few of the plants you could grow to help the butterflies;

  • Buddleia
  • Verbena Bonariensis
  • Lavender
  • Majoram

If you would like to take part in the big butterfly count just click here for more information.

Or if you would like to know more about what plants are good for butterfly’s just click here.

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