Framed hanging signs – just right for you?

Framed hanging signs manufactured by craftsmen in Devon
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Whether your a business or own a property that no one can ever find, then getting a sign that can be seen from the road is practically essential. We know how difficult it can be to find the right one, well to us a hanging signs is just perfect. Whether you hang it from the wall or need a post. A hanging sign is great way to become more visible. A personal favorite here at The Sign Maker is that of our framed hanging signs.

Black painted framed hanging signs from The Sign Maker
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What are they?

A framed hanging signs is made using an aluminium composite board which either has cut or printed vinyl applied. Then our experienced carpenters craft a frame to encompass the aluminium composite board. This frame can be made out of a whole range of different timber. Typically we use Oak or Iroko for frames being varnished/oiled and Accoya for painted frames as its that bit more stable when painted.

Framed hanging signs with cut vinyl lettering.
Examples of Framed signs with Cut Vinyl

The vinyl choices

When it comes to choosing whether you should have cut or printed vinyl it all depends on what you want on the sign. If you are only having wording and or a very simple image design then cut vinyl is very effective (see above image for example). However if you are wanting lots of colours or would like a more detailed image then printed is the way to go. See below image for an example of printed vinyl.

Framed hanging signs with printed vinyl boards.
Framed hanging signs with printed vinyl

The frame choices

As mentioned before when it comes to the frames these are high quality bespoke wood work that is crafted by skilled carpenters. When it comes to the frames you have the choice to have them left unpainted or painted. The unpainted frames are best to have in Oak or Iroko. When having a painted frame we recommend Accoya for is strength and it bonds extremely well to the paint. When it comes to the choice in colour, there is lots to choose from. The best part is that many of our colours are matched to the beautiful Farrow & Ball colours. And if there is not one you like, let us know and we can match to one you do like. Click here to see our stock colours.

Framed hanging signs made by The Sign Maker
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Posts and Brackets

As well as the sign you are likely to need either bracket or even a post and bracket. If thats the case there is lots to choose from. When it comes to our posts we have a range of timber ones and a wrought iron one. To learn more about our posts just click here.

When it comes to our brackets again there is plenty to pick from. Our brackets are crafted by our blacksmith so the quality is second to none. Again to learn more about our brackets just click here.

If you think a framed hanging sign might be right for your home or business be sure to contact us for more infromation using one of the methods outlined below.

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Framed hanging signs made by The Sign Maker in North Devon
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