Portable Wedding and Event signage

Maybe you are an event organisation, a wedding or events venue or even that you are having you’re big day at home. Making sure you’re guest know when their going is something you do not want to be worrying about on the day. So here at The Sign Maker we have found a simple solution, portable wooden signs for weddings and events.

What are they

These portable wooden signs have been developed by our carpenters, making a strong, durable sign that could be moved about. The post and base are made using a strong hardwood to ensure longevity and strength. The board is then made from Tricoya, a wood based material that is very weatherproof. They are then painted by our high skilled sprayer using a two-pac paint which is extremely tough.

Event and wedding signage made by The Sign Maker, North Devon
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Why are they so great?

We think they are great because they are events signs that do not loose any quality. Often when you want a sign that can be moved about you have to sacrifice on the quality. But with this clever design you get the best of high quality timber (which you only usually get with signs fixed down) with the ability to moved them around. This makes them perfect for events and weddings.

Close ups of portable painted wooden signs by The Sign Maker
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The abundance of choice

As per usual when it comes to choice, here at The Sign Maker we provide it. You can choose from an abundance of fonts, images and colours. Plus when it comes to the colours we have a whole range of Farrow & Ball colours that have proven hugely popular.

If you would like to learn more about these signs just contact us using any of the following methods;

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