War Memorials

War memorials are plaques we always take tremendous pride in. Just reading the inscriptions often brings tears to our team members. With the recent D-day remembrance and 2018 marking 100 years since the end of the World War 1. We have been privileged to make so many magnificent memorials. Below we have shown just a few of the plaques we have made, outlining their materials and benefits.


Corian is a material that has become popular for war memorials, and for good reason. It is long lasting, extremely durable material and looks fantastic as a finished product. Corian is a mix of man-made and natural materials. Using clear resins with natural minerals and pigments. This provides you with a material that feels like stone but without any of the natural markings such as hairline cracks or quartz lines. A further benefit of corian for war memorials is it enables very detail images, often a requirement for these plaques.


Wooden war memorials may not be as popular but are just as beautiful and ooze quality. Here at The Sign Maker we have an onsite master carpenter which means he can make a wooden war memorial to your specifications. Additionally we have a wide range of timber choices that all have different benefits for different requirements. To learn more about what timber you should request just click here.

Anodised Aluminium

Another popular material is that of our anodised aluminium. The main benefit of the material is that full colour photos can be included. This often makes for a very interesting plaque to look at. Furthermore these images and the wording are locked in an anodised layer which means they will not be affected but the weather.

Cast Bronze

Finally we come to cast bronze, a very traditional material but a timeless one. It oozes quality and is often the right fit for memorials purpose. The benefits of these plaques is that they are long lasting and require very little maintenance. These plaques are all individually made by the hands of true craftsmen. Each plaque is a true masterpiece and very much unique.

We hope you have enjoyed your read and if you would like to know more about these products please do get in touch.

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