The Edgy Frame

Our paint sprayer has been hard at work with the R&D team to update some of the painted products. As it’s essential to continually improve on what we have created before. One product that we have worked on is that of our painted, framed Tricoya, now with a new edge.

What is Tricoya

Tricoya isn’t a timber that many people have heard of but it is one we have worked with very successfully. Its a wood base board material made using a high performance resin. One of the main benefits of this material is that it is very stable, strong, durable and virtually rot-proof. In fact the timber itself comes with a 50 year guarantee. An added bonus is that its environmentally friendly. So all round it wins in many categories and is great alternative to some traditional timbers. The only thing to be aware of is that it does need to be painted, the timber itself is not the prettiest when left natural but with a lick of paint looks beautiful.

Painted tricoya signs with a chamfered edge
The new edge signs

The new edge

Previously these signs were just painted boards as shown in the photographs below. However we have now added a frame with an edge, The frame is 30mm thick and is usually painted the same colour as the board itself. However, that doesn’t mean you are restricted to this, in fact Thorne Farm shows how two colours can work effectively. There are further choices when it comes to the edge itself. You can either have a chamfered edge like the one on the ‘Sherwood’ sign, or choose to have it squared edged.

Un-edged painted signs
Un-edge painted signs

Your other choices

If you have looked into The Sign Maker before you will well know that we are all about choice. We like customers to have enough options that each sign is individual and truly bespoke to their customer. Thats why when it comes to the additional choices you have with this product, there is vast amounts. Starting with colours you can choose from a whole host of stock colours, just click here to see them all. However if none of these take your fancy then perhaps have a look at Farrow and Ball colours and find one of them you like. Why? Because for an additional costs we can match any of their colours. Then theres the fonts, well theres thousands of them, just click here to take a look at some and see if any take your fancy. And of course you have images, for some people they like to add an image to spice up their sign. Well again there is plenty to choose from so just click here to see them.

We hope you have enjoyed this posts and if you have any questions or you would like to learn more about the product just contact us using any of the below methods.

If you like the painted signs but not so keen on the frame, we have lots of other options. Perhaps just our painted signs are up your street, Click here to read more about them.

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