Wild flowers out in force

A couple of years back we made a conscious decision here at The Sign Maker to start planting wild flowers out. We knew about the issues bees, butterfly’s and insects were facing and being blessed to be situated on an old farm we wanted to do all we could. Although some of the land is still farmed we cornered of lots of sections to allow wild flowers to thrive. Well two years on and they have just done that. We have noticed how the flowers are seeding themselves everywhere and we love it. Almost as much as the wildlife.

Wild Daisy’s

One of the first flowers we seeded is that of wild Daisy’s, they are very tough and establish themselves very quickly. As you can see from the photos below they have come up in strong clumps. We now have wild Daisy’s in lots of areas across the farm.

Wild Daisy's at The Sign Maker grounds
Wild Daisy’s across The Sign Maker’s grounds


This very unusual name for a wildflower has also been another success. Having been grown from seedlings they have now self-seeded themselves. And are growing on rather strong.

Cat's-ear flowers in the banks at The Sign Maker Devon

Red Campion

Another flower that is still holding on is Red campion also known as Silene Diocia. This beautiful wild flower is pink in colour, insects and bees love it as another earlier pollen and nectar source.

Red campion among the grasses at The Sign Maker North Devon
Red Campion


Foxgloves seem to rein supreme during June and for good reason, these are just amazing! The bees love them, as you can see from the photo’s below.

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