Majestic timber, a timeless material

When one thinks about signs, timber is a material that often comes to mind. And for good reason, its beautiful, rich and oozes quality. But there can be some concerns around purchasing a timber sign, how long will it last, how do I look after it? Well in this posts we hope to educate you on all the timbers available and how to look after it so that it looks great even after time. A wooden sign could still be right for your home.


One of the most famous timbers is that of Oak, majestic and magnificent. This is a fantastic timber to have as a sign. And if looked after can last a lifetime! Our reccomended treatment is varnish but you can choose to have it oiled but you will need to remember to re-treat more regularly then varnish.


Another fantastic timber for outside use is Iroko, extremely naturally oily means that it helps to resist water entering the grain. This timber has to be oiled rather then varnished due to its oiliness. The only thing you also have to be aware with Iroko is that the colour can vary quite considerably.


Sapele is a really interesting timber , even harder then oak and mahogany in its appearance. A real show stopper if you are one for a darker timber.

Sapele nameplates by The Sign Maker
Click here to learn more about Sapele signs


Chestnut is another great option, similar to oak in its apperance but a little bit cheaper and quite sustainable.


Cherry is beautiful and can be quite difficult to obtain. It has a very close grain which helps to resist it from shrinking an warping.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is fantastic option for big signage due to its exceptional strength, hardness and moderate durability. It has a reddish/orange colour and a very open grain.

Red Cedar

Red cedar is another beautiful option, it is much softer then oak yet is very stable and long lasting. An interesting quality of this timber is that as it ages it turns to a silver colour.

These are a selection of our most popular timbers, all of which with care can last a considerable amount of time and look fantastic. If you would like more information on the care of these products or information on our less popular timbers just follow the below link;

If you would like any information about the above products be sure to contact us. And if your thinking you like timber but want a more modern twist on the concept then perhaps our painted signs might be of more interest to you. If so just click the link below to learn more about our painted signs.

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  1. I was wondering if you could make a wooden sign for my Garden in remembrance of my late father who passed away in January 2020. It does not have to be large but I would like this wording on it.

    Loving Memories…
    Of dear PapPap.
    20-5-1927- 05-01-2020

    And the plaque to be on a wooden robust longish peg to go in to the ground.

    Can you please provide a drawing and quote and time frame. Thank you.

    Kay Asplin,

    027 671 9045 text or ring or email

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