Marvelous Ladder Signs

A product of ours that has grown in popularity is that of our ladder signs. Perfect for entrances where one property may have more then one house or names.

A selection of painted sign from The Sign Maker
Examples of painted signs

Lots of options

Here at The Sign Maker we pride ourselves on being bespoke and this doesn’t change for our ladder signs. The choices are virtually endless but below looks to outline some of the main options available.

The Timber

Choosing the right timber can be a little difficult but the main reasons for choice is price, look, durability and whether you want it painted. The first timber is oak, something you are likely to have heard off. Strong, long lasting and a beautiful grain which still shows through even when painted. Iroko is a brilliant timber (unpainted) for its oily properties which makes it durable.

We then have Idigbo a light hardwood for painted signs that is still durable but slightly less so then oak. Softwood is our cheapest timber but with least durability. The last two timbers are Tricoya and Accoya. Tricoya is a man made timber that is the cheaper then Accoya but will last for a very long time. However it does not have a grain. Accoya on the other hand is a timber, it has little grain but bonds amazingly well to paint. In fact on Accoya paint is proven to last three times longer!

If you would like to know more about the timbers we have on offer just click here.

The colour

As we mentioned you can choose to have the ladder sign as plain timber, a very handsome look. Or you can have it painted, a more modern, fashionable look. If you choose to have it painted the colour options are vast, with many of which being matched to Farrow & Ball colours. For a more information on the colours just click here.

Signs with interesting images by The Sign Maker
Examples of the images and fonts you could have

The fonts and images

Fonts and images are virtually endless, but they do make a considerable different to the end finish and look of sign. So it is something to take time in making the decision. One way that we can help you make that decision is through our expert designers. They can draw up more then one proof of what the sign will look like before production so that you can get a feel of what design is right for you.

For more information on the fonts and images we have in stock click here. However if any of our standard images and fonts do not work for you send us in one you already have and we can see what we can do with it.

We hope you have enjoyed this posts, if you would like more information on these ladder signs please do contact us via any of the following methods;

T – 01769 561355
E –
W –

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Hockey stick and framed entrance signs from The Sign Maker
Framed entrance signs and hockey stick signs

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