Framed Entrance Signs

Our framed entrance signs are a fantastic way of combining modern materials and techniques with traditional ones.

Framed entrance signs for business
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What and how are they made

This signs are made using aluminium composite in the center which either has cut or printed vinyl applied. Both these types of vinyl look fantastic but serve different purposes. If what you want on your sign is simple and easy to read we recommend cut vinyl for a crisp finish. However if what you want on the sign is more complicated or has a detailed image or logo we would recommend printed vinyl.

This aluminium composite is then framed in beautiful high quality oak with two posts either side. This wood is hand crafted by carpenters and varnished for high quality, more durable finish.

House and business entrance signs
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Your Other choices

As well as being able to choose between printed and cut vinyl you also have the choice of post tops. Choose between standard tops, Gothic tops, shaped tops or post caps. These choices are all shown below;

In regards to the aluminium composite we have a whole host of colours available, see the image below for choices. Aluminium composite itself comes with a gloss side and a matt side, choose which side you would like you lettering applied to, if no choice we automatically apply to the matt.

Framed entrance signs
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More information

These signs look elegant when finished and are perfect for businesses or homes, looking particularly great at the end of drives. If you would like more information on these signs be sure to contact us, we are more then happy to provide you with any additional information or even put a quote together for free.

If perhaps these signs are not quite what you were looking from perhaps our superior entrance signs are more suitable. To take a look at this just click here.

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