We Won environmental project of the year!

As some of you may know from our social media channels, we recently one an award. The North Devon Manufacturing awards 2019, environmental project of the year! This has been a great triumph for us after so much dedication and work has gone into this part of our business. But you may be wondering why we won, well let us tell you in this post.

Why did we win?

The Ponds

The award category for for an environmental project that was either started or completed in 2018. Here at The Sign Maker we completed the construction of our wildlife ponds. These ponds were dug by Shaun, one of the managing directors on his digger. Wife, Kate then put much thought into the planting of the ponds and with many hands help, they were completed.

Together this area includes three ponds, one flowing into the next. The planting has been done to make it look natural and provide wildlife with new habitats. Since its completion in 2018 we happy to say that the wildlife has now moved it, we have had frog spawn, deer, rabbits, buzzards, herons and more.

Packing Materials

The second project we completed in 2018 was that of the improvements of our packing materials. We became aware that a lot of the packing materials we were using was not environmentally friendly. So since then we have been exploring other materials we can use. Although we are not fully satisfied with the finished result we are proud to say that we have reduced the amount of polystyrene we use. Instead opting for sterling board and hardboard. We have also reduced the amount sellotape we use and instead have been using paper tape.

Whats Next?

But we are not stopping there, here at The Sign Maker it has become part of our ethos to do more for the environment. Or as we like to put it, caring for our countryside. So we will continue to do more. Whether that’s internal changes to our business such as finding more sustainable packing materials. Or more projects that in-turn help the environment, we will continue to strive to do more. So when you purchase from The Sign Maker, you know that you are buying into a sustainable company that cares.

To learn more about what we do for the environment give our website a read;

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