Fibreglass Business Signs

Fibreglass is a sign that is just perfect for businesses, in this post we look to outline all of its benefits and why it might work for you.

Fiberglass signs
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What is it?

Fibreglass is a very light yet extremely strong making it both weather resistant and resistant to vandalism. Unlike other materials with fibreglass you don’t have to worry about expansion or contraction caused by heat as its coefficient of expansion is very low¬†. Furthermore, fibreglass can be molded which means that a whole array of shapes and sizes can be achieved.

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What choices there are

When it comes to choices, there are plenty which means that no two signs need to be the same. An essential when businesses are trying to be unique and create a brand identity. With over 16 different colours plus black and white, and countless images and fonts to choose from. Your business sign can be just right for you and your business. Furthermore, chose to have either cut vinyl or printed. Cut vinyl is good for simplicity signs, however if you have complicated designs or logos we would recommend printed.

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However if these signs are not quite what you were looking for then maybe take a look at our solid aluminium signs;

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