Spring has arrived at The Sign Maker

Here at The Sign Maker the environment we work in has been changing, and it feels to us that spring is here. So we thought we would show you how the countryside that we are surrounded in has been growing and giving us a real sense of spring.

Apples in Bloom

First off the apple trees in our orchard have been flowering, producing the most beautiful pink/white flower. The bees have most certainly been enjoying the flowers.

A little bit left to nature

Another flower in full bloom is Red Campion also known as Silene Diocia. This beautiful wild flower is pink in colour and looks fab in grassland that has been left to nature. Insects and bees love it as another earlier pollen and nectar source.

Something old

Another magnificent plant that has sprung to life is our beautiful beech trees. Having gone from barren and leafless, (great pun there) to full of life and bright greens.

Our front courtyard

The other plants in our front courtyard, situated in front of our offices are a clematis Cartmannii. A climber which produces lots of fragent flowers, making you feel like spring is truly here. A magnificent Calla Lilly called Green Goddess is a hardy exotic plant that packs a punch.

Another flower that blooms this time of year is African Daisy. They look pretty and provide a real pop of colour with their purple flowers. A bed situated very close to the office incorporates a range of different plants. A red Acer set against a Euphorbia and a delicate yellow bamboo nestled in front makes for a bed full of contrasting colours and textures.

We hope you have enjoyed our little update on what the wildlife and gardens have been up to this spring. If you would like to learn more about what we do for the wildlife check out our website that tells your more;

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