Let Your Grass Grow!

It’s ‘No Mow May’, which means that it is time to let your grass grow! No Mow May is an annual Plantlife campaign designed to encourage gardeners to allow the grasses to grow and wildflowers to bloom. Keen to find out more about why, and how we take part at The Sign Maker? This is the blog for you!

No Mow May at The Sign Maker

While our director, Shaun, is partial to spending time with the lawnmower across the site – this is the season when we allow our wildflower meadow to flourish. Our keen love for wildlife is the perfect reason to allow nature to take its wild course of action (even if that means putting up with some slightly ‘untidier’ outdoor space)! With a large wildflower meadow planted up within one of our fields and several smaller wildflower patches, our primary aim is to provide the perfect habitat for Devon’s pollinators (namely the bees and butterflies). Taking part in No Mow May provides us with the opportunity to be intentional about allowing these areas to grow freely.

As part of the UNESCO North Devon Biosphere Business Partner scheme, we pledged to make significant investments in our wildflowers with the hope of increasing the biodiversity of our site. Last year saw Kate, and her niece, Ava, sprinkle seeds to form a brand new wildflower patch on the opposite side of the site to our longstanding meadow (we look forward to sharing its progress again this year)!

Shining The Light On Yellow Rattle

Though hardly a best-kept secret, Yellow Rattle is an essential feature of our wildflower meadows. Given our location, the grass growth can be significant, so having a plant that allows wildflowers to grow through the grass is a paramount part of striking the right balance with regard to a wildflower-to-grass ratio. Distinctive in sound and appearance, Yellow Rattle is popular with avid lovers of wildflowers. Serving a purpose, as well as stunning with its unique beauty – we admire the little wonder of this extraordinary flower that works for the benefit of our wildflower meadows.

Why Should You Let Your Grass Grow?

There are countless reasons why gardeners nationwide take part in No Mow May – the majority of which revolve around wildlife and sustainability. Grassy spaces, in short, are a valued habitat and are an essential part of the ecosystem. Cutting back on cutting back may seem insignificant – but with so many choosing to take part in No Mow May year upon year, the biodiverse impact amounts to more than you might realise. It’s true, alone it can feel impossible to create a greener future, but together, the movement is worth investing in (and thankfully, it requires doing less than you’d do ordinarily)!

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