Home Décor Ideas For Spring

We know you love a seasonal update, so this blog will give you the lowdown on our tried and tested home décor ideas for Spring! With TikTok rife with Spring POVs, The Sign Maker Team are on-hand to share homeware tips and tricks with you (including our thoughts on how signage can feature in the season ahead). So, without further ado, here are our top five home décor ideas for the season of Spring.

1) Spring Scents & Fresh Flowers

Few thing say Spring better than spring scents and fresh seasonal flowers. Bringing the outdoors in can transform your home and brighten things up a little – particularly if you’re working from home or struggle to transition from Winter into Spring.

Home Décor Ideas For Spring | Spring Scents and Fresh Flowers featuring Essence Of Hartland

While each of us has a different preference for Spring Scents, local brand, Essence Of Hartland, are a local go-to for seasonal candles, diffusers and room sprays. You will often find them in North Devon’s most popular markets if you’re hoping to try before you buy, but their website also does an excellent job at describing the notes found in each scent enabling you to also purchase online.

Flower wise – favourites include Daffodils, Tulips and Hyacinths, amongst others. Any local field, florist or flower delivery service will be able to kit you out with all the Spring cut flowers that you need. Planting up a wildflower patch can also provide a range of wildflowers in the close proximity of your garden (though of course we’d encourage you to leave enough in situ for the resident bees and butterflies to enjoy)!

2) Soft Lighting

Lighting can make a significant difference to how your home feels. With more hours of daylight, you may not think of changing up your home lighting to match the time of year. However, ensuring that you have lighting that enhances your home spaces – particularly in areas that aren’t blessed with natural light, or require specific task lighting, can inject a renewed energy into your space. You may even consider a small amount of outdoor lighting to help you enjoy your outdoor spaces into the evenings (we particularly appreciate those powered by solar)!

Home Décor Ideas For Spring | The George South Molton

3) Less Is More; A Spring Clean

Nothing welcomes in this particular season like a spring clean! You might not think that this would be a suggestion linked to your home décor, but have you ever considered that less could be more? Clean out that stack of CD’s gathering dust, have a root through the kitchen cupboards and donate anything that you would pass over, and shift the clothes from your wardrobe that no longer make you feel like the best version of yourself. A good declutter can make your home, and mind, feel clearer.

4) Welcome With A House Sign

Nothing says ‘welcome to our home’ like a house sign. With a season of garden parties approaching – why not spruce up the front of your home with some simple signage. While house signs have a very practical use, the signs that we craft at The Sign Maker have an enviable finesse to them. With the company specialising in bespoke signage in a fantastic range of sizes, materials and price brackets – there is no better time than now to introduce this particular home décor feature.

Home Décor Ideas For Spring | Sign and Interior Design

5) Change Out Your Prints

While many keep the same prints on display all year round, one way to dress your home for Spring is to introduce several seasonal prints. Whether you’re a fan of abstract art or photography, local artists everywhere invest their time into presenting you with the best of their work for your home. Changing out these prints can help your house transition from one season to the next – while also keeping things fresh and exciting. Who wouldn’t enjoy a mini art gallery in their home!

Why Seasonal Interiors Matter

Interiors matter because they can have a significant impact on how we feel in our home. Home enthusiasts already value such shifts in décor, but if you’re feeling tired of your home, these simple Spring home ideas might leave you feeling more rejuvenated. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your home! Trends suggest that we are spending more time at home, so surrounding yourself with a space that is everything that you need it to be should be a priority – and can be without drastically changing up your home!

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